Toileting Slings for Ceiling Hoists

Hi all,

We are very shortly going to have a ceiling hoist installed.

I was speaking to the OT and asked her if my husband can have a toileting sling as I have seen some online.

She said those slings may not be suitable for my husband as they do not support the body. The type of sling I need for him is where he can be placed on the commode and put down ready to go.

Has anyone used these slings for ths purpose? I really think they look like they support to me.


Hi, I`ve tried one… it was horrible!!

The type of sling I use wraps round your back, with the arms inside and the lower parts of the sling go under the thighs, then up round the top of the thigh and crossed over, so you are held very comfortably.

My sling therapist said a toileting sling wouldnt work for me, but let me try it.

God it was painful. The arms are on the outside and the sling cut right in under my arms.

Back to mine now…you can soon get the necessary area clear of the sling, onto a commode to go.

Hope Ive made this clear enough to understand.


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Thanks Poll,

If you can find out the name of it I would really appreciate it.


Ok, I`ll get hubby to go look at my spare in the bedroom. I am sitting on my sling in my recliner and cant see the info label!!!

The material is called slip slide, as it moves easily against itself.

When I was in the respite centre, their slings were of a stiffer fabric and they wanted mine!

Here`s the info;

Westholme Slipfit Sling ref no. P6640M