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hi everyone, i am confined to an all singing all dancing chair, walking is a no no. Due to incontinence i am now trussed up in nappies which was ok for when i could lift myself to a standing position BUT just don’t have strength to do this. I dodo have a mobile hoist with a universal sling but find this uncomfortable for being in an upright position to enable a nappy change. Suppliers of st just point you to he range of slings available. Does anyone use a sling for etting and wears who can offer some advice please thx

Hi not too sure what you mean. But i do use a ceiling hoist and sling. At the mo, I am transferring to loo with an etac patient turner. standing is so dodgy and can be painful too.

When I am getting in and out of bed, i hoist onto commode. I just pull the legs of the sling out of the way. But no standing is involved.

I am seeing a urologist next week about a supra pubic catheter, as I have urgency and dont always make it on time and am fed up of having accidents.

I had someone come to the house about slings and we tried several.

Do you think a catheter would help?

luv Pollx

thanks poll. had a good day with the hoist yesterday, able to position straps/loops to access nappy for removal. a newby to the hoist and so wary of letting it do what it’s designed do - also another bit of independence given up. i saw an urologist at the hospital for results of tests done and there were procedures available but with my lack of mobility and being unable to do anything unaided it was decided that they were not for me. i am after a sling fits around the torso and then hooks onto hoist so that i can be pulled upright and suspended. i need to find a picture then i can get someone to take it to our store and/or show GP. i live in spain and things run differently but we get there in the end. hope all ok with you.

Hi, just looking back at our earlier messages/replies and wondering how you are doing now hun?

My spc op went well, but a recent holiday and too much trundling about, has rubbed it raw and caused an infection. Other than that, I love the system of emptying my bladder. No hoisting or dodgy transfers needed for that now.

As you live abroad, maybe you havent got the benefit of trained professionals to guide you, that we have in UK.

How are things now?

luv Pollx

hi Poll

getting used to hoist although it is painful under arms but with padding is bearable. now have infection in feet and doc doesn’t know what’s caused it, hopefully antibiotics will kick in. glad you got your bed sorted. Dee x

Hi again. I think the sling you are using is what we call a toileting sling.

I tried one at a daycentre and boy! did it hurt under my arms.

Didnt like it at all.

As I said, my wee times are easily dealt with and when its time for the other`, I usually go before my morning shower and after tea, when I then get ready for bed.

If I find I need to go in between times, my carers and I do a wriggling and pull my lower garments down with a pulling and a tugging! Back up is harder. But I do have the use of my arms to hitch myself up a bit in my wheelie.

luv Pollx