Toilet troubles

Hi all, i dont have MS but I have a neurological condition with similar symptoms but nobody on my forum can relate to this one so I hope you don’t mind me asking.

I have urge incontinence so very little time between feeling like I need to go and going (bladder and bowel). This has lead to some accidents. I can’t seem to get any answers or solutions from my neuro surgeon or gp. I’ve had pelvic physio which has ruled out pelvic floor issues and my bladder appears to be fully emptying.
Could it be that my neurological issues are preventing me from feeling the sensation of needing to go until its urgent?

I know what you are talking about, it can be very limiting. I use Peristeen irrigation system which enables me to have much more confidence that my bowels will behave for a few hours so that I can get out and about. It uses water to stimulate the signalling system so that can be sure there are less issues.
Good luck

Hi, my MS has had a serious effect on my double continence too.

I am immobile so it is hard to know when toilets may be needed.

I take betmiga…a bladder calmer…but also have a supra pubic catheter and botox.

Yes, neuro problems do cause bladder/bowel issues.

HI Cookie,

Can’t give much advice but I have urgency and frequency and just manage to get to loos.

Do you have a RADAR key? Order online.
Gets you into accessible toilets. Beat queues.
Also an app toilet-finder is useful too.

Hope you get some answers.


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