Urgent toilet issues ?

A bit embarrassing to talk about maybe more common than known.

Basically it is toilet urgency. Whether it is No1 or No2 it is like an on off switch. There is no time to wait around and a toilet needs to be close by and vacant.

Does anybody know of any medication that can reduce the urgency and stop the embarrassment.

I have been using VESICARE 10mg for the bladder which helped a bit but now I think my body has adjusted to it.

As for the other.

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Scudger, you make my day, always make me laugh, illustrations are ace! I’m the same, when you got to go, you got to go!!! I wish I had an answer, my life revolves around where the toilets are wherever I go & can I access them, oh the joys of MS, just keeps giving, yay xx

It’s a common topic on both forums and the Facebook pages of other MS organisation.

Firstly, you are not alone. Next, it is a genuine symptom and worth talking to you GP or MS nurse about it.

There are many lines you can go along. Obviously you already have spoken to your doctor about it, hence the pills. But I’m assuming that prescription was the opening exchanges in your battle for some level of control and dignity.

I use incontinence pads and pull ups for a variety of outside circumstances such as travel or even shopping. I even have some mega ones incase of rear end accidents.

The best weapon I have is knowing my system. Occasionally it surprises me however but I’m either close to the loo or wearing protection.

There are answers out there.



Yes, I agree the answers are out there.

Ive spoken to my GP, MS Nurse and a Urologist. Like anything to do with MS I cant get a straight answer from anyone.

Its all ifs and buts and maybes.

As others have said, yes it is a very common problem.

My bladder accidents got so bad and as my mobility worsened, it got worse.

Plus I was needing to wee every hour 24/7. My days and nights were ruled by my bladder. It wouldnt empty fully, therefore I constantly needed to go.

I`ve had an spc for 4 years and it is 95% fantastic… I take betmiga 50mg, which reduces spasms and by passing.

As for my bowels…I cant tell the difference between an fart and a poo!! I wear pads and hope for the best!


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I am the same Polls, I never go longer than an hour without needing a wee :frowning: nightmare !

same issue for me made worse by the fact I love beer - there are not many pubs in Leeds where i dont know where toilet is!!!

Battled this for years (still am) biggest tip from me dont try to hide it - tell all your friends - takes a while but they do help and need to be a bit selfish


A great help for me has been the condom catheter and leg bag system. If you’re not aware of it then please contact me.


(And don’t wear light coloured trousers).

OK. Sounds like a plan.

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My bladder and bowel problems have pretty well cleared up, it started to improve when I started LD N and improved even more after nine months of biotin, hope that helps?

Nina x

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My brother has similar problems and he does not have MS but does have diabetes!! Not everything is MS

Ask your MS nurse about intermittent self catheterisation. Not as bad as it sounds and you know your bladder is empty. I’ve been doing it for years, it ain’t perfect but once you get used to it works fairly well and you don’t have to tell anyone. Hope this helps.


thank you so much for this!


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I take betmega it has helped me vesicare was rubbish.

I plan journeys then just pee in fields! Thinking of writing a book. Watch out, I’m back in Yorkshire next month, if you see a Honda Jazz just looking like it has been driven up and dumped with the doors open in a field, you’ll know it is me!

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i suffer from an urgent bladder, i get about 20 seconds warning before wetting myself so i tend to wear pull ups when ever i go out, i dont always need them as i don’t get the problem everyday ? but it’s a kind of safety blanket so that i dont have to continually worry about where the nearest loo is, which does’nt make any difference as i’m in a wheelchair so 20 seconds is never going to be long enough :frowning:


I’ve also found Betmiga good. I still have some degree of urgency but it all totally goes off the chart if I have an infection. Consequently I’ve found it quite handy to have some test dipsticks, so I can accurately tell my GP over the phone what’s wrong - I got the same ones I’ve seen in the nurses room from Amazon.

As for bowels, despite being told I’m PPMS, steroids have helped a lot with frequency and urgency issues. I used to take immodium like they were going out of fashion before Dx. now good licorice (Lakrids) has it’s merits and marshmallows but generally I’m loads better now.

Sonia x

Quick rule of thumb is:

Betmiga if you are female
Tamsulosin if you are male
They both act to Relax smooth muscle tissue (ie the bladder muscles) and give you longer between the “Urgent” needs.

You still need to get to the loo fast, though, but it may take a minute or two to get a flow started.


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