Male incontinence

Having spent the winter housebound following a bad relapse, I am hoping to get out and about now spring is here. With public toilets shutiing everywhere I am exploring what medicines other forum users have found helpful in reducing the “need to pee!”. All suggestions welcome. Best to you all, Peter

Vesicare could be tried. It helped me in the ‘must pee now’ department but caused constipation.

However, LDN dramatically improved urgency, night time problems etc. Try it!


Hi, Oxybutynin can be prescribed to tone down the dreaded urgency

Hi Peter

There are a number of forms of tablets to aid the urgency / frequency.
Another alternative may be external continence device. I use Peristeen / Coloplast. You can get them on prescription. They are a life saver. They help me stay at work and get out and about without a care in the world.

You can call them on 0800 132 787 (Charter Healthcare) and they will sort things out and send prescription to your GP. It is that simple.

They are simple to apply / remove and are discreet. I can wear shorts with them.

All the best


Hello Peter,

LDN & Oxybutalin reduce the urgency. Also a sensible suggestion is to wear a sort of pad so that if you do leak it does not show on your trousers,

Exercise makes me want to have a pee so go to the loo before you go out. Also learn internittant self cathaterisation. Yup its one of the indignities of MS but face up to it. Contact your GP or MS nurse and get it arranged, it revolutionisaes your life.

My advice would be to get it sorted out ASAP so you have the confodence to go out. Oh yes, I forgot, buy a Radar Toilet key. Take a look on my website www.aid4disabled. I’ve got MS and this is how I get through life.

Good luck


As others have already said - one of the benefits of LDN is regaining control of your bladder - and less fatigue etc.


Hi Peter

I’m the same as Neil and use the sheath/leg bag combination. You put on a sheath which is like a condom with a hole at the end. This then plugs into a small bag which you strap round either your thigh or calf, so you can pee to your heart’s content (just as long as you remember to empty the bag when it gets full). You can also get larger bags to use when you sleep. These transformed my life when I started using them. Ask to be referred to a continence nurse to find out more.


Some great suggestions guys, thanks very much I will give some of them a go! have a good weekend. Peter