Embarrasing Problem

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I was diagnosed with RRMS 3 years ago and my remaining symptoms have been sensation loss and pain in my hands and legs mainly, but just recently I have been having issues with my bowels. Basically when I need to go, I really need to go. It is instant and there’s no holding it. Does anyone else have this issue and if so, what do they do to control it? Sorry I know its not a pleasant subject to talk about.

Yes I too enjoy ultra urgency on occasion. It had a significant impact on my life. My MS nurse referred me to a continence specialist (which was never on my wish list) The specialist was great and very sensitive in dealing with me. She explained that the signalling system from bowel to brain is compromised, so the message to “go” is not received until nearly too late.

She suggested trying Peristeen, this is a self administered sort of enema. By putting water into the lower bowel it increases pressure to tissue which then sends signals to the brain to let go of the rubbish. This might sound bizarre but it enables me to be pretty confident that I will not get caught out. So before appointments or meetings with friends I can take a bit of control and comfortable about going out.

You are right, it is not the greatest subject of conversation, but with the right support it should not restrict your life.

I hope you can get something to help you out as well.

All the best Mick


just in same predicument at the moment but just nice to no some one is in the same state as i was this morning

had to drive home with pants full HAPPY NEW YEAR


I don’t have urgency problems with my bowel but I do need to wee all the time. I wear ultra absorbent panty liners which are pretty good. I can hold it in if I really need to but not for long!

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So what can be done about avoiding embarrassing situations. It’s like an on/off switch. There’s no time to assess options. Urologists can’t even give a practical solution.


I used to have this problem with the bladder and bowels. It has been posted on this site several times. Ring up your GP surgery and ask for the phone number of your incontinent nurse. She will come to your home and first ask you to empty your bladder. Then put on mobile scanner on your tummy and tell you there is still half a litre or even more of urine in your bladder and that is your problems, because the bladder and bowels are so close together they put pressure on each other. Do not ignore it with stupid fixes because if you bladder is over full it can be sucked back into your kidneys and destroy them. You need to use disposable catheter which you throw away after each use, it is not a big deal used thousands of them and never pissed in my pants for years. Used over 2000 over the years, 8 a day. In the house I have long ones when I go to the pub I have mini ones which are in a little packet which you can put in your jeans pocket. Ladies in your handbag. Very discrete no ones knows, you have a problem. If you want details send me a private message but do not ignore it will not go away , it is part of MS. Urologists CAN HELP BUT THERE IS A WAITING LIST, now only see mine every 18 months . Happy Bertie.


What about how to deal with bowel urgency? Dealing with the bladder is a piece of …

Hi all very helpful information on this matter I too am having major water works problems I put it down to my diabetes, high blood sugars due to me drinking sugar drinks to combat my fatigue , a nasty circle , trying to cut down on angry drinks as I dont want to let myself and my diabetes nurse down my uncle has the same problem as me unfortunately he too has ms , he is a great bloke always giving me advice as do all the people on here I dont know any of you personally but thanks for sharing your problems and information subzero

I had tests a few yrs ago including an ultra sound before and after going to the toilet and was told my bladder was still half full but I have always had problems due to having damaged nerves at the base of my spine which was probably caused by me having scoliosis which I was born with. I did talk to a specialist who was talking about doing an operation but hew told me it probably wouldn’t work. No-one had mentioned it since! I have had me kidneys checked a couple of times recently though and my doctor says they are ok.

If your bladder doesn’t fully empty then self cathertise will solve the issue. No one has come up with a solution to the other end. So it looks like we have to continue to live with the stress and worry of the day we do the unthinkable. Oh well, (removed by moderator)happens.

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It might not be a solution for everyone but Peristeen does offer some management options.


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I’ve noticed this lack of notice issue - not caught out but it can be really alarming when you think ‘what if…’ Thanks for talking about it - got some good advice as a result xx

Been having this issue too, fortunately not too extreme atm. I get by using loperamide prescribed for me, scheduled pooping, incontinence kecks, and a bit of a switch in my diet. Bloody embarrassing when it happens, happened explosively to me in a pub on my birthday - perfect timing!

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I have had bowel urgency for the past year or so. I have only recently asked for help and have been referred to the bladder and bowel nurse. I am so embarrassed about this. I can’t give any advice but it is so good to know that I am not the only one with this problem x

Thanks everyone for your comments on this. Some very helpful tips here. sorry to those in the same predicament but at the same time it is good to know I am not the only one.

Hi oh no not sugary drinks they are soooooo bad for you lol. (In scolding voice he he)

I drink Koko milk which is fortified with b12 and vitimin D, and hydrate with water all day. I never nap in the day but go to bed early and asleep by 7pm. I am a morning person i have my energy first thing so i do anything I need to do then and rest, then get up and walk about as much as i can and take the dog out for fresh air.

sugary drinks are lethal.

I never drink them. also there are meds to help with fatigue.

maybe try to eat little but often that can help rather then have a big meal also fish oil is good for fatigue.

but no to the sugar lol just makes you pee more. xxx