Bladder issues Help

Hi All,
I need your advice why am i struggling to release wee. I find i have to sit on the toilet quite a while is this a result of ms to and sometimes i struggle with number 2 but i do have lactolose in the home incase.

Kind regards

Hi Kim

MS does sometimes make it more difficult with your bladder and bowel.
Sometimes I find it easier to wee if I lean forward on the toilet, but you can also ask for an appointment with the bladder nurse.
I also do iSC to help empty which sounds scary but it’s easier than it sounds.
Hope this helps

Pam x

Dear Skippy,
Im 34 yrs old female, 35 in may i shouldnt be having to face bladder or bowel issues at my age surely im youngsuch as these ive had a neurological condition (Epilepsy,)
all my life since being a baby i suffered many challenges it doesnt seem to have gottenany easier the older i got i was in and out of school due to my epilepsy but the older i got my seizures become more controlled and havin faced 2 brain surgeries in that time (1997 - 9 yrs old & 2012 - 24 yrs old) how much more can 1 person take god throw curve balls at u, the 2nd surgery came with a highier risk of me losing 50% peripheral vision - I did get my peripheral vision loss surely i cant be facing a new neurological diagnosis surely you cant get 2 neurological conditions in 1 lifetime dont get why its got jime and could it be mnd and ive been suspecting ms.

I have had other symptoms that been ongoing on for 6 months now, since eyeing a psyciatrist who put me on sertraline 100mg for PTSD after a abusive relationship got rid of him took my son to live with me,I’ve been getting ill and gp took me of it and replaced it with amatriptyline 25mg n numbness tingling in mainly the left side of my face ear neck my eye lids feels like they want to spasm happens its happening a lot they keep coming and going, usually my Symptoms get worse at night sometimes to point i dont go to bed but stay awake till next morning sleep in the day.
it comes and goes to neck weakness in my legs but predominantly left side i had
a ringing in one of my ears believe its my right but only happened the i feel overly emotional easily i can cry i was never felt like this much of an emotional wreak, feel so stupid especially just getting rmotional out of the blue and im constantly tired fatigued all the time even after getting 7-8 hrs sleep my gp going to be doing my bloods tuesday to see if im b12 or iron deficient think theyre trying to rule out other causes of my symptoms.

I need the authorities - like social services medical housing to support a move to sheltered housing with care on call so there’s key fobs plus itll allow me to feel safer after the abuse ive suffered few yrs back.

I have one son called Joshua who is 9 this year ive stopped contact all together pulling out iof a a custody with his abusive father as father tried to manipulate my
Contact with me and my son so i told his dad where to go want nothing more to do with them both. If i knew this diagnosis or neuro degenerative disease was about to change mine or my familys life i wouldnt want him to grow up seeing watching his mum suffer i tried to save him from the pain and heart ache as hes only a child shouldnt have to worry of such things as these.
Kind regards