Hello, going to keep this short, diagnosed aged 18 have ms nearly four years now, the worst thing for me is bowel and bladder control that effects me physically and mentally, anyone else with simular problems feel free for advise or any problems that i might be able to help with thanks

Hello! and welcome to the site!

I’m sorry to hear you had a diagnosis at such a young age. That must be quite hard.

I don’t have bladder/bowel problems myself but there are lots of people here that do. If you have any questions then don’t be scared to ask. There is usually someone here that can help and i’m sure you can help others also.

It’s a bit quiet on here at the moment over the bank holiday but post any questions you have and people will try to help.

best wishes


hi mcfee

are you asking for advice or offering it?

sorry my ms brain is on go slow!

Carole x

pigpen, im here for both, its good to get advice but also good to give it, its hard being young and having to deal with this but i cant feel sorry for myself as there is people who are the same and if not worse than i am, the past few months have been getting better for me pysically, this is a great site everyone can do there bit and help eachother get through this horrible disease, it wont be easy but we can all do it

hi mcfee

i saw from some of your other posts that you have a positive outlook

so true about getting and giving advice.

my first few weeks of knowing i had a neurological problem made me feel i was going mad.

i really leaned on one chap on here and it helped loads.

then i became positivity on legs and tried to give advice.

now i’m not confident to give advice because my brain doent work as well as it once did

ah well you gotta laugh or at least smile

carole x

When I got my first symtoms to my diagnoses and everything else, I was sad for about 3 years, ages 18,19,20 i hardly left my house just feeling sorry my myself but the last year r so im gradually getting confidence and feeling better phyiscally and mentally, throughout all of it my friends have been great support they understood everything from fatigue to bladder and bowel problems and my family have been great also, surrounding yourself with good people who understand and listen defently helps

I have had bladder issues for quite a while and my GP prescribed Oxybutilin, which has really helped with the bladder control, not totally but enought to be able to manage. My bowel issues started about 3 years ago and were frustrating and at time embarrasing, I am awaiting a referral to the “bowel team/nrse” at hospital and hopefully they may be able to help?

Good luck