Toilet Question not details folks

Hi does anyone find that when they goto the toilet that within 1-2 mins your legs go numb and you struggle to stand back up ? ive also seen my ms nurse today and ive been told that i will see her in 6 months and that dmds would not make any difference as even though the sensory relapses are going berserk yet its not a relapse so therefore dmds would make no difference

hi sheep

my legs keep going numb all the time, no matter what i’m sitting on.

possibly you’re cutting off the circulation. try shifting about on the toilet seat.

i don’t understand the reason for you not being given dmds.

​a dmd is something you take all the time, in relapse or in remission.

my brain has gone numb now so i’m off to bed

carole x

Hi Sheep

Yes, I know what you mean. I get numbness in my left leg and both feet but also when I’m standing, particularly in one position for too long.

Carole has made a good point about the circulation. I don’t know if you have one of those raised, white seats attached to your toilet, that may help. You wouldn’t be sitting quite as low down which may improve things for you.

Take care x

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Occupational therapist provide them. x

Hi the only reason my legs go numb on the loo is cos I’ve sat on it too long to read my magazine. Only time I get peace and quiet lol

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Thankyou folks today my legs felt tingly cold wet creepy feeling right before i went to go and sit on throne and again today they were terrible by the time i tried to stand up took a few minutes before i was able to walk again

I thought this too Carole but she said the Neuro didnt think theyd benefit me and she agreed so as far as meds fo MS im on none i have codeine diazepam nabilone for pain and pregabilin they are going off a mri of May 2013 but they are now talking about doing an mri with contrast at a later date the word and feeling of limboland surfaces again grrrr

respect sean