Toes curling ?

Hi all,

Does anyone have a problem with their toes curling and almost gripping the floor when walking ?

They aren’t stuck that way or cramping, they just seem to be curling under and it’s only when I’m walking. I’m really struggling to walk because of it and I’ve tripped and fallen twice today.

It’s worse on my left foot which is my weaker side and it just started two days ago , my leg is also weaker now too.


hi June i have this problem although now it has become “hammer” toes. so i have freaky feet! maybe you should consider seeing a podiatrist who may give you an insole to prevent falls. the podiatrist at the neuro department helped me.

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I have this and I was sent to orthotics who made me insoles for my shoes to try to make my toes behave themselves

can’t remember but it was either the MS nurse or neurophysio that referred me

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Hello June and Carole

It starts off with curly toes and then develops into hammer toe.

Saw GP referred me to Podiatrist who was helpful and put some blue putty under my toes which set like a mould after 5 minutes and said that should help.

Well it did not.

Bought off Amazon a leather Chamois leather thing which fitted under my 3rd toe which was really good short term 6 months, you can find it under hammer toe there a thousand of gadgets but it is there £4.69

Went back to GP and asked for surgery for hammer toe, there are lots of " you tube clips showing you the procedure looks frightening but I had it done at the local hospital on my right foot under general anaesthetic.

They break all 4 little toes and straighten and insert steel rod in each while they heal, took 8 weeks and then pull out rods and you have nice toes.

That was 3 years ago


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That sounds so painful !


I have this. It’s so frustrating. It’s much more apparent when I try and walk barefooted, though must be the same inside shoes. It’s so annoying. I’ve just tripped up actually and dropped my little ones lunch on the floor! Not sure what to do about it , so sadly can’t offer any inspiration or advice - though would gladly accept some if there’s any going around…!?

It is painful for a few days but did not take any pain killers The hammer toe was getting worse and worse and was always painful. They do put your foot in plaster which was inconvenient for 8 weeks. Watch the video on internet comes up under hammer toe, it shows you the surgeon drilling the toes now that is like a horror movie Glad I had it done at the time as I could walk with a rollator quite well then. Struggle walking now with the rollator and if I had not had it done would now be unable to walk. So well pleased Go for it June