My toe next to my big toe keeps curling under, I presume it’s to do with the nerves, it’s really painful to walk/stand like that.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Any ideas on anything I can do to straighten the toe out?

Thanks x

Hi Munchito,

Not sure about your toe curling under, maybe ask a physio if you have one. Might be a spasm though, like cramp. Some people take magnesium and find that helps.

Toes curling up are a sign of neurological damage. Neuros often stroke patient’s feet to see the response.

Thread from 2013 for anyone interested.


Sorry Munchito Been there had it and now sorted but it took a while and lots of pain. It is as you probably know, hammer toe. Quick fix before surgery, on amazon put in hammer toe supports chemois, it is a leather support which worked for me for 6 months. Go to GP and you will be referred to a clinic and they will to put some plastic under your toes which will set and create a mould under you toes which may ease the pain. Did not work for me. Went back to GP and referred to hospital for surgery. You can go on you tube and see the procedure on hammer toe video, it looks frightening but it was ok they put you to sleep They basically break you toes and insert still pins to straighten you toes which stay in for 6 weeks they then pull out the pins and you are then cured. It takes a day I had it done 5 years ago and am now ok Sorry it will not go away without surgery and the quicker you have it done the better. Buy the chemois leather in the meantime The surgery does not hurt it is just a nuisance for 6 weeks I had it done when I was 61 and they fit you with a removable boot so you can walk on it Bertie

Thanks, going to get a toe support & see doc.