Hammer/ claw toes

Over the last year my toes (particularly the second toes which are longer than my big toes) have started to curl over and have become painful. The tips of my toes get very sore where they press on the bottoms of my shoes, and even standing in the shower is painful! I have a toe straightener but it was not cheap and is not always practical (when showering for exampe).

It’s only recently that I’ve realised this is probably related to my MS. My legs have got a lot stiffer in the last year and my right side is worse - it’s my right foot that’s more clawed.

Does anyone else have this? Is there anything you can recommend for it? Walking’s hard enough as it is!

I can only say from my work situation that initially physio were involved and with the gp appropriate meds used…Im not sure if botox can be used in toes. The follow on was then special shoes which physio directed us to and for my lady that worked.

I do know that the sooner you act the better and would advise you see your gp if you havent got physio input and remind him/her if he is not ms aware that keeping you on your feet is vital so you need a quick referral.

Are you on baclofen or such like to aid with the stiffness as it may be thats all you need?

Wish you well


Hi Perky

I have botox injections in my toes for this very problem. And it works for me! do ask your neuro about it. you do have to have them every 8 to 12 weeks though.


Thanks so much for your replies. I had never thought about botox! Is it very painful?

I don’t take baclofen or gabaentin any more as I couldn’t get on with the head-fuzzing side effects.

I will mention my toes to my doctor tomorrow. Thanks again