feet clawing and sore toe ends

has anyone received any treatment for this? my toes curl over painfully and the ends of my toes really hurt when I walk.

I dont know whether to request botox to stop the clawing, I am worried the injections will hurt.

I think I will go to the dr and ask to see a chiropodist. But I am not sure if that is the right person for my problem.

Has anyone had any orthotics or other treatments, insoles etc for this problem?


Mine are like this too. I had some toe separators made for which I wear all day and make my toes comfy… It wasn’t a chiropodist but I can’t remember who I was referred to, my GP sorted it for me. They curl up again over night but once I put the separators in they’re okay again.

Sarah x

Separation can work.
Support under the toes can work (takes the load off the end joint).
There is a treatment that involves cutting the tendons that curl the toes, and then putting in a set og metallic stiffeners to keep the toes straight.

At the moment, my wife (who has this problem) uses DIY separators - a piece of stiff foam cut up so that you have a load of 1" cubes that you put between the toes.

Our chiropodist/podiatrist suggests that surgery is the only lasting treatment.