To Shop or Not to Shop that is the question

Seeing as the techie people aint fixed this to do direct links yet you will have to search for my Disabled Don Blog or copy this link and paste it in your browser

if you cant copy and paste hi_lite so it goes blue to do that put your curser in front of the carker link above and press your left key drag mouse along to end of dark type anit should turn to a hiligghted blue click on your right mouse button on select copy select a new page open it put curser in address bar right click and s3lect paste. CLICK ENTER AND BINgo you should be on my page unless your on an iPad it it dont work ask the nearest ten year old

Anyhow I had a bloomin great day yesterday and wanted you lot to share it with me.


Hi Don

I use a tablet, and it won’t work, I have tried, but am just glad that the site is allowing me to answer a post!! (She says with fingers crossed)

Glad you seem better.

Pam x

Thanks Pam we had a fantastic day out yesterday

Eh? I dont understand your post BUT

when it comes to the question of to shop or not, then the answer is easy;

SHOP when ever poss!


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Poll read my Blog

and see my thoughts on shopping I know all the tool shops and camera shops but cant stand clothes shops Heather is my personal shopper when I was well I hated shopping now I loath it with a passion

I’m with Poll on this one

Sonia x

Nope tool shops or phone shops but never top shop or M&S unless its for FOOOOOD I like food

I’d take the DeWalt planer thicknesser anytime! I always wanted one when I was making and repairing violins, but never had room for one. I had to go up to the loft to use my bandsaw. I was working for a while doing canal boat fit-outs at Blisworth on the Grand Union, and I had use of the machinery shed then- a big circular saw and a planer thicknesser- so I used to take in any of my own timber that needed doing.

Ruth is my personal shopper, but she buys clothes for me online at M&S.

I don’t know how you find the energy to spend a long day ot like that!

Kev last one cost me three days in Bed but that one was free I aint had to spend anytime in bed yet but I didnt get in the shower till lunch time so if I get away with a lazy morning I got away lite. Still it was worth it we had a blast yesterday.


Hi Don

To answer your question “to shop or not to shop” …that’s easy, there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy to put a smile on my face, but for the next day or so after…well that’s a different story …but so worth it.

Mind you if you asked my hubby that question, you would get a very definite NO, perhaps its just a female thing.

Pam xx

YAY! Don your blogs are working again! Great stuff as always, you must have been totally exhausted?

thanks Mr Moderator !

Nina x

It’s great to see the links working again. Been out again today will be writing a new blog post over the weekend about revisiting the haunts of my youth today. We got back in just before The Honourable Woman started so day out and television fix.

Thank you admin, Dons blogs are working again …yippee

Pam x