Tizanidine makes me sleep

I am increasingly my tizanidine trying to get some movement in my legs, trouble is I take them and they make me sleepy. Fast asleep in the wheelchair this afternoon for a couple of hours. I would’ve slept longer but my brother phoned and Heather woke me up. And until the increased dose stabilized I feel crap. Sorry sound like I am moaning. Also they draw my mouth feels like I have sucked a lemon and swallowed a bag of sand. But chewing gum makes a difference. My doctor called in today and she suggests lemon drops so a visit to the sweet shop tomorrow if it’s not raining.

Tizanidine was awful for me, not quite as sleepy as baclofen but the weakness hit really quick, I couldn’t get up from a chair at work, total nightmare.

The dry mouth seems to come with so many of these pills, sherbet lemons would do the job

Take care

Sona x

Hi Donna

Lots of the medication makes me sleepy and zombified and gives me a very dry mouth, its a catch 22 take the tablets and feel yuk or have pain etc, so I feel for you.

The one positive…sherbet lemons, can’t remember the last time I had any, so yummy.

Hang in there, and enjoy those yummy sweets.

Pam x

Sorry, I mean Don…please does anybody know how you can stop predictive text on a tablet?

Pam x

Pam if I knew people would understand my posts I have had my kindle for near a year and the typo’s are legendary but this is done on my laptop. But this latpop has windows eight and its just taken an hour todownload pictures from the weekend walk see a few here something to bore people

Pam, I don’t know about other tablets but on an iPad you go into settings, click on general, then click on keyboard and you get the option to turn off autocorrect. It drove me nuts, I much prefer it without. Hope its the same or similar on yours. Nina x

Thanks Nina, I will try, it drives me nuts as well.

Pam x

I like predictive text on the kindle if I turned it off I wouldnt have to apologise for my typos its a bit like a voyage of discovery, In often wonder what it was I meant type.

On a different subject sitting here watching the garden birds baby starlings begging parents to feed them so sweet

Don, I’ve got so many fledging baby birds at the moment, keeping me amused! Starlings, blue tits, great tits and goldfinches…eating me out of house and home! Pam, hope it works for you Nina x

Nina I know that feeling of being eaten out of house and home. Heather went out and bought more supplies today

Been asleep again this afternoon I felt awful closed my eyes and was gone for an hour, an hour is better than the other day because it ruined two days maybe I am getting used to the increased dose. They still not working coz legs wont budge at this rate I will be taking tizanidine by the bucket load.

Just hit the wall this morning sleep it is

Stopping the tizanidine till speak to doctor I was hallucinating yesterday saw bright colours and vegetables

Let us know what they say Don, hope you will soon be back on track. Nina x

Waiting for the doctor to call now, phone just went and it was my brother I cut him short 55 seconds is a record normally when we on phone 55 minutes would be considered a short call still he is coming to see me this afternoon so we can chat then. We are like two old women discussing the rights and wrongs when we start the women just walk off and leave us to it


Stopping the tizanidine till speak to doctor I was hallucinating yesterday saw bright colours and vegetables

[/quote] Stay out of Tesco’s, Don ! :wink: Seriously, hope you’re able to get it sorted, and feeling better today.

Up date on what is going on and my spooky day

Heather was on the phone as I typed the blog and has managed to get my an appointment for next week to see the Neurologist my wife is an Angel