Started on baclofen

Good evening everyone, just a bit of advise if you wouldn’t mind!

I have just started taking Baclofen this evening and i am starting to feel really sleepy, can anyone tell me if anyone else felt very sleepy shortly after taking Baclofen for the first time?

Many Thanks


Hi Jen,

Thanks for your response, I have read them but i didnt think it would take effect as quickly as it did. I think i have been quite worried about taking them because medication seems to make me ill.

On the plus side I had a good night sleepand i’m still alive lol.


Alan x

Alan the body will get used to it I was . Like that zzz at first. I am now taking tizanidine and going through sleepy stage Don

Hi Hoppity (Don),

Apologies for straying off Viper’s baclofen query, but I’m 2 weeks into trying tizanidine to reduce tremor and it’s still making me sleepy, but experiencing no benefit from this medication so far (…whether I take 1 x 5mg tablet, or 2 x 5mg tablet) !!

How long have you been taking tizanidine …and what for, if you don’t mind me asking ?


Hi Alan

When. I first started taking baclofen, I found I had to be on a low dose, and could only increase them slowly, but for me, they help with spasms and stiffness.

Like you I am of very tolerant with medications, wish you all the best.

Pam x

Hi Liam, Hope you don’t mind me replying but I’m on Tizzanidine too but I take it for stiffness in my calves and back. Took me a while to get the dose right for me - 2mg didn’t seem to do anything but if I took 4mg, it would knock me out! I now take between 6-8 mg a day spaced out in 3-4 different timrd and always with food as I find that helps lessen the drowsiness. I wasn’t sure if it was working but then I missed taking it for a day and realised it definitely was! I couldn’t get on with Baclofen. Made me too sleepy and generally a bit loopy! I felt very edgy and twitchy on it.

Been on it for I year but was susposed to be increaseing it I am now up to ten MG took tablets earlier sent me to sleep for an hour I felt awful) now wide awake had to have blood test earlier in week for liver test before increasing no real benefits yet

Alan mind it if you drink with the baclofen I can remember the headaches were awful they made me stop drinking/baclofen. I used to take lots of baclofen but effects wore off so stopped tried them again last year and ended up taking tizanidine. if these dont work they may try BACLOFEN PUMP i’ll let the board know if that happens


i’m in the process of considering a change up to tizandine. Always believed that this was the next option. Am up to 70mg Baclofen a day so hopefully tizanadine will be stronger but having to take less. Linda x

Hi all

I tried Baclofen also made me sleepy now on Tizanidine and Levetirace with no side effects unless I take too much Morphine.



Thanks for all your responses, not sure if im going to carry on with them or not. my walking has got worse and i feel im on cloud 9 lol.

Has anyone just stopped taking this and was there any problems???



I stopped and started on it all the time, trying to get used to it, without any ill effects. You’ve only been on them for less than 48 hours so I can’t see there being a problem.

I would look into Tizanidine (Zanaflex) as an alternative :slight_smile:

Hi Alan, as you have been on Baclofen for a very short time,stopping it probably won’t have an adverse reaction. If you hve been on it for some time or have a high dose don’t stop it straightaway but reduce the dose gradually. No-one tells you when you start it that withdrawal is immediate and can have all sorts of effects, as I found out to my cost when I ran out and couldn’t get a replacement. Good luck and as with MS its all tral and error and a learning curve. Linda x

I too stopped baclofen as it made me a bit crazy, crying and very anxious

Hi everyone,

Quick update on the Baclofen situation!

I stopped taking it last night and today feel so much better although i have stomach pains which to me is far better than being on another planet lol.

hope your all well, take care and thank you