Anyone tried Tizanidine?

I have very stiff legs. Baclofen makes me feel,very depressed but doesn’t help in any case, so now I’m trying Tizanidine but not sure what dose would be best. I’ve stepped up to 8mg in a single dose but see no difference. Any comments?


Hi Joan,

I started on baclofen and now take Tizanidine too. I take 30mg of baclofen per day and I am supposed to take 4mg of Tizanidine in morning and 4mg at night. I only manage to take the Tizanidine dose at night because it just puts me to sleep. I certainly could not drive with it. To be honest I am still stiff although I think the drugs do take the edge of the stiffness.

Moyna x

I take 4mg Tizanadine 4x day with 10mg baclofen 4x day doesn’t make me sleepy but works for the worst of the spasms. I still get them but not nearly as bad as they were.