hi i wonder could anyone tell me please if they are taking tizanidine, and what dosage? i have just started taking them, working up to 6 tablets of 2mg daily split into 3, so 12mg in total. i did start baclofen but i did not feel any diffence in my stiff legs. i just wondered if anyone found these tablets worked better for them. also has anyone had a drink while taking them? i know your not supposed to, but would just one hurt? thanks x

Yes I take Tizanidine but only 6mg all in one go at night. My neurologist recommended that I increase by 2mg a day and stay on that does for a fortnight then increase again until taking 14mg but I find it makes me feel a bit woozy so I don’t. Maybe when I have a holiday I’ll increase so that I don’t have to ‘do’ anything. Sorry I don’t think I’ve hepled you, but please ask anything else and if I canhelp I will.

Oh yes, btw, I do have a drink but we are talking a very small glass of lager or half a glas of wine, and no, it doesn’t have a bad effect - or any effect at all!!

B x

I have just started tizanidine; was taking just one tablet for four days, then yesterday I took two as advised by my dr to build up gradually. I found two tablets made me feel incredibly weak and walking was much harder! I felt a bit woozy too and just stopped myself falling a few times. I haven’t taken any at all today as a result but I don’t know if this is ok.

What have others found? Does the muscle weakness wear off as you build up the dosage? Or will it just get worse?

I think I’d rather have stiff legs than wobbly heavy ones.

Anyone any advice on my post above please? I don’t want to ask the doctor who prescribed them as he admitted he didn’t know much about MS.

I take 2 mg 4x/day as well as baclofen. The spasms aren’t gone completely but they are much less frequent and painful…

Hi Kim,

I changed from blacofen top tizanidine as the baclofen was making my muscles weak. Taken a while to get used to Tiz.

I take 1 and half tablets 3x per day - make me feel a bit sleepy after half an hour but doesn’t last long. Muscles better and

seem to work. Remember you have to have regular blood tests to keep an eye on your liver function.

Yes, I do have a drink every now and then - just think it has more effect as tablets and alchohol are both

muscle relaxants.

Speak to your MS nurse, mine is great for advice on dosage.

Jen xx