How do you get on with Baclofen?

Hubby has PPMS and since 2012 has spasms in his legs which look like he is having a fit when it does occur. The MS nurse recommended Baclofen…do they make you drowsy as he already suffers from fatigue and have you had any side affects? Thanks all (Please note somehoe on my work pc it doesnt allow me to carriage return on this site)

Hi Caz ive just been put on Baclofen though low dose 10mg and in all honesty 4 weeks in i havent noticed any difference but then in the last 4 weeks my pain has gone through the roof so have another appointment on the 1st so they may up it but at present no difference as for drosey im on that many meds im perminantly drosey hope they sort something for you soon

respect sheep

Hi Caz,

I was put on Baclofen and it just didn’t agree with me. It made me feel as if I was drunk and gave me an upset tummy.

Anyway time passed and I suffered a relapse a month ago. I had severe spasticity. After doing research, thanks google, I deceided to ask for diazapam. Wow it was as if I were falling in love. It really helped me.

I wish the best for your hubby

Hi, I would agree with mem, baclofen made me feel awful legs and arms felt like jelly. Diazepam works wonders for me for spasms.


I’m with Mem on this one, Baclofen was horrible. I soon stopped it. Wiped out and bad tummy… Same with Gabapentin. I was on that for longer but eventually figured out it was making the fatigue worse.
At the moment I manage the fatigue my improving the quality of my sleep, with diazepam.


I gave it several attempts at various times but it knocked me out a lot and, when I wasn’t asleep, actually made me feel a bit loopy, edgy and very twitchy which is no fun trying to operate a mouse, I can tell you!

Much happier on Tizanidine although I’m not currently taking it.

I have a positive experience with baclofen. I take 5x10Mg / day with no side effects. It relieved the spasticity to a certain extent but I was put on Tizanadine (4x4mg/day) as well. The combination does not get rid of 100% of the spasms but it sure takes the edge off them.


I have been on baclofen for over 8 years now, I take 60mg/day. At first it knocked me out, I felt like a zombie but after a few months this passed. I now feel alot better than if ddnt take it I am SPMS for the last 6 yeas.

Hope this helps


I take Baclofen morning and evening and Tizanadine each night. It completely stop twitchy legs and spams. Completely agrees with me. Gabapentin is a big help as well



I’ve been on Baclofen for 8 years taken for spasm. It will make him drowsy I’m afraid but after a while the body will adjust to it. The other side effect can be muscle weakness which is the exact opposite of spasm. Sometimes spasm can be beneficial as it adds tone to the legs which helps with mobility. You just have to get a happy balance.

I’ve been on Baclofen a couple of months now. I take 10mg twice a day, I’m supposed to be up to 3 times a day but I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, my legs feel weaker and every now and then I feel dizzy. Also since taking it I’ve put on 1/2 a stone. I’m debating weaning myself off as I just don’t feel right on it. On the plus side it does help with my stiffness.


Thanks to all of you for your responses we will take the comments on board.