So I was wondering if this is normal. So I’ve had serial mild relapses in the past. One was my right leg spcificaly my right knee went weak. And my arm went weak earlier this year. And when I’m tired like today my symptoms kind of return.today I feel like I’m swinging my right leg. All I want to do is sleep lol.the tiredness doesn’t really effect my eye which I had ON in. But more my Body muscle . Has anyone had similar to this ? And is this common to MS. The same applies to when I’m stressed too

Yes, fatigue in nth muscles and general tiredness is part of life now. You can learn to manage it. There is a free download pdf file from this site.

Good luck, if I can help please pm me.


Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of MS. It’s not easily understood by people who’ve not experienced real bone deep fatigue, which makes it hard to explain. You tend to have people say “oh yeah I know what you mean, I was like that after a late night” or whatever. It’s different to being tired. Sometimes you can have terrible fatigue but be unable to sleep, often because of other symptoms.

What you end up needing to do is learn to manage your fatigue. Wherever you can break tasks down into smaller blobs of effort. So, for example, don’t do all your housework, cleaning, washing, bed changing etc on the same day. Try to spread things over the week. Rest when and where you can, by which I don’t just mean get the odd early night, but try to power nap if you can, or just sit for 20minutes when you get home from work (if you work). Try not to go out everyday if you can manage it. Plan social events so you’re not out two nights running. Don’t drink too much alcohol as that’ll make it worse. Drink lots of water, it really does help. Get some exercise, but again, don’t go full pelt if you’re feeling fatigued.

If you are still feeling the effects of severe fatigue, ask your neurologist for some medication to help. The best drug is called Modafinil (or Provigil), but it’s not so easy to get it prescribed just lately. The other drug is Amantadine. Many people find that really helps.

Have a look at the info on this site as Wibbly Wobbly has suggested. Or try Fatigue | MS Trust


Thanks for the replys. But does say been tired or stress making symptoms worse. So if you are fatigued is it normal say for my leg to feel heavy again like when I had a relapse in it before