Fatigue Confusion

I’m just wondering if MS fatigue is of one type or more ?

For instance, I dont get tired or need to sleep, but my legs get what the MS call muscle fatigue, they go from being slightly stiff and heavy to completely having to drag them and not being able to lift them at all, but they only get to this point after either walking too far or not taking breaks in between walking.

But even when they are at their worse I dont feel the need to sleep, sit down and rest my legs yes, but sleepy or tired no.

My MS nurse tells me that some people with MS might not have so much difficulty with there mobility but find that they just have to take a nap every few hours because of their fatigue ?

So I was just wondering if what we call MS fatigue can vary so much and affect us so differently ?

My cousin takes Amitriptyline, and swears that she couldnt get through the day without it, but her mobility is far far better than mine, yet she gets very tired easily, as in sleepy.


If I don’t sleep by 2pm, i start getting brain fog, and eventually won’t string a sentence together. Learnt the hard way - go and lie down!!

The legs thing? Gradually got worse, strength and stamina getting worse, being less and less able and trying was a ticket to disaster. So learn your limits. Is it worth being in agony for a few days after walking too far? If you know your limits, when your half way there STOP. Cuz you still have to get back. Thats what I learnt.

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Sorry I meant Amantadine NOT Amitriptyline.