Working like Frankenstein !!!

So I got up from bed this morning feeling exactly like I always do, stiff yet wobbly all at the same time, with my legs just about lifting my feet off the floor.

A normal day ahead then !!!

But for some reason I had this urge to get outside and tidy the garden, basically pick up the dead leaves ect, nothing was going to stop me !

So with a positive head and negative body I set out to do the business, 10 minutes later I was, as my neighbour described it “working like Frankentsein”, he had been watching me through his window basically on standby waiting for a stumble or needing help to get back up to my feet.

It was no point in him asking if I needed help because theres always this little voice in my head saying “you CAN do it”, “you DONT need help”, when in reality I do, he knows how stubborn I can be !

My neighbour described my walking like my legs were wrapped in cling film with no lift, I was kicking the decorative chippings everywhere.

I knew myself that I had over done things, but after just 10 bloody minutes, thats ridiculous !!

Its just so frustrating when your head says ok lets go for it, but within minutes your legs have almost given up.

There used to be a time when I could feel the weakness coming on, rest up for 10 or 15 minutes then get a good 45 minutes of some sort of “normal” movement before having to rest up again, but now its minutes before the legs go into “Franky” mode !

I even find it so difficult to exercise, which I know will help a little in the long term, but if your legs just give up after a few minutes there doesn’t seem to be a goal to aim for.

Out of curiosity are there meds for muscle fatigue ?

I’ve tried Amantadine but I think that’s more for general fatigue, which oddly I don’t really suffer from, I can stay awake all day without any real problems until bed time.

My sister who also has MS is different, she has to get a midday nap because she can get wiped out by general fatigue.

Then theres my cousin, again who has MS, she can go for months and months without any problems what so ever, but then it will hit her like a shovel across the head, she could be laid up not being able to move and constantly needing sleep for weeks on end, even losing vision, but then out of the blue it’s like someone flicks a switch and she’s back to her normal self.

Just crazy !!

I guess we’re all different.

I guess I fall into the category of your sister. OK till 2pm then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

I have had to virtually give up the gardening. Yeah, the spirit is willing but the body limits what I can do and OMG if I ignore it, I pay later. We pay a PA to help with the heavy stuff. Wait a few month and you will be at least able to sit at a garden table and sow seeds.

We are seriously panning to make our garden accessible this year - raised beds, that the way to go!

Last year we had our back lawns and borders taken up, it was getting too much to look after, so we had Indian Sandstone laid down with decorative chippings and pots, basically maintenance free.

I think we will do the same now at the front of the house as it does look nice, but I do like a bit of lawn though in the summer