ms or am i just unfit?

i decided to mow the lawn on saturday, i usually do it once a fortnight, and whilst it does really take it out of me i manage, however this week i’ve felt absolutely awful, my legs still feel weak today and really painful, and im walking with a bit of a limp, i cant decide if i’ve aggrivated the m.s or just overdone it and to throw in the towel and get a gardener!

MS or just unfit? i suspect a bit of both.

My advice: mow that lawn once a week!

I suspect both as well, however, unlike Paulo I go with the get a gardener option. Maybe that’s why I’m so very unfit. Seriously though, if you have overdone it, there’s no way you can just push through serious fatigue. There’s a balance to be had between getting sufficient exercise, given your capabilities, and getting enough rest as well. If you’re feeling like you’ve done too much take a couple of days out to recover your muscles before deciding never to do any gardening again!


You might be right, but i’ve decided to get gardener anyway, ive decided to sell my house (for something on one level) so im going to tart it up a bit, so someone else can do the garden

i think you’re right, the garden does tire me out, but the next day im normally ok, m.s just gets you bit by bit, until one day you realise there’s something else you cant do!!! im hoping to buy a flat or bungalow with a small garden/patio to make things easier, thanks for replying

please do not get me wrong; i am not advocating the notion that fatigue is just one of those things you can / should battle through.

everyone, not just those with MS, need to listen to their bodies and how they feel. fact is, professional athletes and lesser mortals alike need to be aware and manage the effects of ‘over training’.

i do not believe one should simply give up at the first sign of breathlessness or sore muscles. i think there are gains to be made from ‘going the extra mile’. but by the exact same token, some of us (particularly MSers) need to also take that extra cup cake / glass of beer / day in bed. :slight_smile:

the key however, is to make sure you get up and do one more rep / one more lap around the garden / weed one more flower bed / hang one more load of laundry…

the key is to keep progressing and ‘moving forward’, what ever that might entail.

good luck!

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I gave up my house with a large lawn and now have gravel gardens. It’s bliss. However I still wear myself out at least twice a year cutting back the two large shrubs in the back garden. In fact after a difficult year with stress 2 years ago, I still pushed myself to cut back the shrub and take the clippings to the tip. Within a fortnight I was having a major relapse so I vote for ‘get a gardener and move to a house with a patio’. Why make life harder than it has to be? You can still exercise by going for a pleasant walk or going to an exercise class when YOU want to, not mowing the lawn when it has to be done …

Tracey x

thanks tracey you’re so right,

ive just spoken to a gardener and he’s going to cut my lawn, one less thing to worry about, just need to get the house up for sale now!

i know what you mean and i usually do just that, but this time i’ve hit a brick wall, and im doing up the house to sell, so now i’ve decided on a gardner i can concentrate on that now, thanks for replying