Tips for down days ??

Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has any tips for days when you feel like a blundering mass of emotional mess? I was diagnosed in April and have so far managed to remain extremely positive about things. Recently I started my first DMT and I think the reality of the situation has hit me because of this. I’ve been a bit under the weather anyway (thanks to my new style immune system) but I’ve become really emotional about things (I even cried at Bake off…lord knows how I will cope with the final next week). Today I have just felt really low, like no-one can really understand what I’m going through, and I still work, so am having to constantly having to explain (or try to) what’s going on with my body, how I feel etc. Its so tiresome. I’m usually very upbeat so I think its delayed shock or something. Any tips on how to deal with these days, do you just cry it out or do you have coping strategies? Wishing you all well. X

I don’t think there is any reliable general rule on what helps. But if it helps at all to know that what you are feeling is normal, I can certainly assure you that it is. If you are of a naturally positive and optimistic turn of mind, I suspect that your normal approach to things will reassert itself in a more settled way over time – that is generally what happens. But there isn’t any right way to deal with a situation like yours. Feeling low it’s perfectly fine. It’s all part of coming to terms, and that is a difficult process, and it can take some time. Just be patient with yourself.

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Alison said it well. This is all still rather new to you, so you’re still grieving and trying to deal with what’s been thrown at you. Sometimes a good cry will help. If I need to cry but can’t, I watch a movie that I know will make me weepy, and I get it out of my system. Maybe stay in pajamas all day, wrap up in a favorite blanket, and eat junk food.

I had to stop working 2 years ago but still look after myself. It was depressing to no longer be in the workforce and have an earned income, so I just got involved with favorite hobbies and found some new ones. I have a variety, so that I can base them on how I’m feeling at the time.

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me too yesterday i felt as low as i could go. I felt overwhelmed with sadness no idea why. I just wanted to bawl my eyes out.

SO as i am housebound i went for netflix and watched a silly film which i enjoyed and felt a bit better. then watched some youtube about how bad GERMANY is with covid, and austria and netherlands, and that kind of made me buck up its not all about uk being in doom and gloom in fact germany is worse which is awfully sad for them but they were saying it is down to poor uptake of vaccine.

so then i listened to music and after that felt better nothing better then a blast of PINK FLOYD dark side of the moon. took my dog out on my wheelchair and it was time for bed. I go at 5pm lol then watched golden girls, and 3 lots of MASH. Life was good after all of that.

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Sad thing (excuse the pun) MS can give a lot of us low mood which can come and go - I take medication to help me along the way and I do find this time of the year a bit of a struggle - dark days etc - don’t let it get any worse and speak to your GP if possible but there is some comfort that many of us MSer’s can relate to what you are going through - good luck

Thanks everyone, it’s great to get others points of view, this forum is so helpful. What a beautiful bunch!!! Well yesterday I embraced it, cried a bit, cosied up and read a good book. Today I am going to get dressed and go out for a bit a walk. I’m currently off work and spoke with Occupational health yesterday, very helpful. Anyway, thanks again everyone, so lovely to get some ‘insider’ knowledge. Much love to you all.


Hello sweetheart.
Yeh, this is still all new to you. It’s almost like a process of grieving…no offence meant to anyone…you’re coming to terms with a new you. And it takes a long time…just when you think you’ve got it sorted in your head, when BAM! something triggers what reality is and your upset all over again.

I’ve lived with this MonSter for going on 24 years and for the majority of those years, I reckon I’ve managed it quite well.
My natural persona is bubbly and outgoing.

This year, I hit a new all time low. It’s really hard to put the smile on…for myself as well as others.

Hang in there and keep talking to us…we do really understand.
Love Boudsxx

I always look at the positives, even if I’m not feeling them. I then embrace the mood I’m feeling and ride it out. I’ll just sulk for a bit, frame myself as a moody teenager (see Kevin from Harry Enfield) in my own mind. The sadness will pass, just focus on the positives :slight_smile:

I think diagnosed in April, feeling down and weepy by November is pretty impressive. You’ve managed 6 months of positivity, that’s more than many of us do after years of MS.

You have been handed a crock of cr@p diagnosis. MS is not like having a bit of a sniffle, take some lemsip and go to bed for a few days then it’ll get better. It’s no wonder you’ve cracked after several months of being positive.

There’s absolutely no shame in having a down period. Having a time when all you want to do is cry, then go to bed with a good book and a big bag of Maltesers! Eventually you’ll get back your natural equilibrium. If you’re a person who’s generally fairly positive, you’ll get back there. If it then happens again next year (maybe when the clocks go back - it hits perfectly healthy people then too), you’ll know it won’t last forever.

I like Crazy Chicks answer of a good blast of Pink Floyd. That’s an excellent way of lightening up.


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oh and for those who love classical music.

If you feel down listen to this better with head phones on…unbelievable piece of music. I always feel better after this.