Tips for Diaphragm spasms

I ownder can you give me any tips on how to cope with these spasms? I find it hard not to panic and then end up taking a gasp for air. Its a little like dry drowning. I prop up on a V-pillow when the hug is bad but think you must all have other tips. I am diagnosed Behcet Disease but the symptoms from this relapse are uncommon in Behcet so I keep coming back in for advice from you lovely MS guys. I spent time here whilst “in limbo” and found it very comforting.Any suggestions? its horrible.

I can’t help you with this gillian as this is one I’ve been fortunate not to suffer too badly from. Wanted to reply to move your message back up the list though as I found it on page 2. Hope you find some help x

Hi Gillian

I try lying on my side with my upper arm resting on a couple of pillows to keep my chest ‘open’ if you see what I mean? I find if I lay on my back, even propped up, I get breathless or feel more pressure, which increases the panicky feeling etc. I’d love to be able to sleep/rest on my front but it’s too uncomfortable on my ample boosom!

Hope you find some relief soon xx

Thanks Sunflower and Hunny. My post wasn’t phrased very well to say the leat…I suffer with cog fog! Just to clarify…it was initally thought that I had MS but due to the clean MRI’s I currently have a diagnosis of probable Behcet disease. Weirdly though my symptoms are far more neurological like MS…so popped back to see you guys again for some help. Hunny thank you that position does help I am doing it now. I notice that even one glass of wine exascerbates the situation horribly. I shant have any more of that liquid medicine, lol. Whilst i was awaiting diagnosis, I thought I had experienced “the hug” but I found out that I had costochondritis. I thought costo was untold agony but HELL…no babycakes there is worse discomfort out there and now I am experiencing the hug I would cheerfully have the costochondritis back. I am half laughing but it’s a total bitch when you think things cant get any worse. Thank you for listening and helping someone similar who is lonely and in pain. I appreciate kindness in such a huge way now. Gill xx