Tipped out of my wheelchair!

Yes, it was an accident, and yes I have a seat belt and yes I know I should use it! It was on he car park when I was on my way into the gym when the front wheels hit a slightly raised ramp. On the plus side apart from a grazed knee I wasn’t hurt, but best of all I got two hunky young male gym instructors to get me up and back in the chair. Never ever before have I had so much attention from two lovely young men! X

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Every cloud has a silver lining :wink: x

You silly Moo - any excuse to have two hunky men put their hands on your person!!! (I’ll try to remember that when I’m next at the gym!!)

Glad you weren’t too seriously hurt hun

JBK xx

Hurrah to hunky gym instructors. Boo hiss to falling though. Hope you’re ok xx

Hi, I am so glad to hear you weren`t badly hurt and had an exciting end to your accident, in the arms of hunky fellas!

one of my greatest fears is falling out of my chair.

I also have a seatbelt and dont always use it…I will now!

luv Pollx