I was diagnosed with PPMS in mid October. For several years before that I had numbness in my left toes and shin which had started to spread to my right foot. This week I have developed tingling in the soles of my feet and today I have a little tingling in my fingers and arms. Is there any chance this will go or is that it now. Has anyone else had this?

Hi Moirah,

I have tingling in my feet all the time and in my hands and around my lips just some of the time.

You’ll find in time you stop noticing it, I can feel it in my feet now because I’m thinking about it but most of the time I don’t notice it until for one reason or another something brings it to mind.

Hope you can have a lovely Christmas,

Take Care,


Hi Moirah

Like Nina I have permanent tingles in various places, and you do really get used to it, and can ignore it with distractions, which are easier during the day, but very difficult at night.

Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Pam x

Many thanks,Pam & Nina. I’m already finding I not noticing it all the time. Happy Christmas to you both too Moira