Hello Just signed up for the forum so thought I would introduce myself I’m James just recently diagnosed with MS according to my specialist at Oxford, was just enquiring if anyone has had numb and tingly feet and pain while walking on them constant. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced it. Thank you James

Hiya James Welcome to the forum. None of us really wants to be here, but we do our best to support each other and even have a bit of a laugh. (See the Brain Fog thread!) I had numb, tingly feet, pins & needles and a certain amount of pain right from the first symptoms of MS, 21 years ago. And although I was relapsing remitting for a good 15 to 18 years, I don’t think I ever felt my feet properly again. The remission part just never got as far as making my feet feel ‘normal’. But, what happens often when bits of us are targeted by MS inflammation, is that we sort of compensate for the odd feelings. So my feet kind of changed what ‘normal’ felt like gradually. And I’m sure yours will too. After a few months / years, I’d forgotten what my feet felt like before. Now of course, over years, they’ve changed again and I can’t really feel them at all. I certainly don’t know what my left foot is up to, it does it’s own thing. So, you’ll find that all the sensory symptoms change as relapses remit (assuming you have RRMS). And if you are starting on a disease modifying drug then perhaps you’ll only have very few relapses and the effects of them will be mild. So over time, your feet will begin to feel a new kind of ‘normal’. Sue

Hello Sue Thank you for your response it’s making me scared and upset that i can’t feel my feet and the pain from walking, at the minute my specialist is seeing me again in February so hopefully a new treatment might start. Thank you James

Hello James My feet come and go if you know what I mean. Normally about 8pm one of them starts to feel a bit dead as though my circulation has stopped going down that far. I did have a spell of really painful feet and I used to tell anyone who wanted to listen that it felt as though someone had taken all the bones out and put them back in the wrong order. Comes and goes - always a delight these symptoms!

hi james pins and needles with numbness was my first symptom and i still have them (the tingling). i also still have my feet! it has become my new normal. my first stumble of the day, i greet with “hurray, i must be still alive”. (sarcastically) we all survived it and so will you. carole x

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Thank you for all the comments make me feel relieved that I’m not the only one having these problems.

Apparently there are ‘Nero physios’ who can help improve ‘connections’. But so far I have been waiting over a month for an appointment!

Hi James, like others, I’m not sure what normal sensation is now tbh. Think I’ve just got used to it.