Lack of sensation in my feet. Relapse? Or something from my past?

I have Type 2 Diabetes. It is now “in remission” as, although it is not impacting on my life any more and I don’t need medication (or even diet!) to control my blood sugar, it is still there and needs to be kept under review. One of the things that is closely monitored is sensation in the extremities as diabetics can suffer terrible things such as losing toes and feet!!! I have never had brilliant sensation in my feet but nothing too bad to worry my diabetic nurse and specialist. As long as I kept my skin nice and supple with lots of moisturising cream and checked them for cuts and nicks I was OK.

HOWEVER over the last couple of weeks my feet have been terrible. My toes are clawing which is painful but they have little sensation at the same time (if that makes sense). I bought a new pair of boots last week, flat, knee high riding boots (the nearest thing to sexy footwear I can cope with these days - no sexy Jimmy Choos for me!) and I put them on to wear around the house to get used to them. Left foot was OK. Right foot was a little uncomfortable but I kept wearing them for about an hour thinking that they would be fine. After an hour I took them off only to find that a hanging loop from the hanger they were displayed on in the shop was in the right boot (think the hanger part of a coat hanger).


Then yesterday I put another pair of boots (lace up ankle boots). The first foot went in fine but when I put the second one on I couldn’t.


I had tried to put my boots on the WRONG FEET!!!

Does anyone else think that this could be a new MS symptom / relapse? Tried to call my MS nurse today but she wasn’t in the office.

Has anyone had experience of MS causing a complete numbing of part of the body? I have some sensory issues with my hands before - hence my terrible typing! (I am also going a bit dippy which would explain the whole trying to put my shoes on the wrong feet thing but I already knew that!)

Hi, Sorry to say, but yes, I think this is MS. Loss of sensation in my feet was the main symptom of the relapse that led to my diagnosis. With hindsight, I’d had various problems before - some going back years - but they were not as dramatic, nor as obviously neurological. I didn’t have the complication of any existing diagnoses (e.g. diabetes) that could explain neuropathy. Keep trying with the nurse, or failing that, try your GP. I’m not sure it matters much who you tell, as long as you get it on record, as this could affect future treatment options. Tina

Yes my two relapses have been loss of sensation too.


My big relapses have included numbness in the feet and it always comes back to a certain extent whenever I have walked too far or overdone things. I get used to the feeling of having random toes missing.

Tina is right - you need to get this noted on your record and make a note of the date it started so you can mention it at your next neuro appointment.

Tracey x

Thanks guys. Your replies are much appreciated - just waiting for a call back from my bery nice (but very busy) MS nurse