cotton wool feet anyone?!!!

Hi was just wondering does anyone get this?..The soles of my feet feel like Im walking on cotton wool it was only in one foot now in both since last night!..weird it feels normal when I touch it its only when I walk or stand up…is it just one of the things that happens as Im new to all this…It doesnt mean your relapsing or getting worse does it? Im fine as long as I know these are just normal sensations in MS…Thank-you Emma

Mine feel as though I’m standing on gravel or pebbles - cotton wool sounds much nicer!

Lol!!..yes I suppose it is!

Hi, just recently my big toes on each foot went numb and now it is spreading down towards the ball of my feet - I constantly feel like my socks or tights are stuck between my toes but when I check there is nothing wrong!

Its weird all these sensations!..and everybody has such different ones!..are these thing relapses or just annoying symptoms?

Hi, it could be signs of a relapse starting, but as its the disease with the most varied symptoms you can get you’ll just have to suck it and see. Last night i was having a hot bath and i had the sensation of cold water randomly being poured onto my legs in different places, which is a new one for me.(i’ve had rrms since 2009)

Before my last relapse, i had one day where for about 5 mins my head was spinning when i was trying to get dressed, and the only place i was going was onto the floor, this passed. The next day i remember being in my dining room and there was a bit of a conversation going on between my girlfriend and her parents and they may as well of been talking chinese, i had a bit of a WTF! moment which was horribly embarrasing. The day after that the numbness started, at the top of my bum, which has been the same both times now, and i ended up going numb from my chest down to my toes and fingers, with weekness and was off work 11 weeks.

If things carry on spreading start keeping a diary, your doc might want to know details and it makes interesting reading when you’re better.

Take care