Tingling Feeling After Night's Sleep

Hi Folks. I was diagnosed with PPMS 10 years ago. I am generally doing ok. I have issues with my mobility, dexterity, balance, etc. but I am still walking and functioning unaided.

In the last few months I have been waking up with a tingling feeling in my legs, hands and arms (it can be different limbs on different days). It is not painful but it can be a little uncomfortable. As soon as I get up and move around it will usually go away.

I am presuming that the tingling is due to MS. I mentioned it to my neurologist and while he thought this was likely, he couldn’t say it with any certainty.

I realise that everyone will be different, but was wondering if these are symptoms that people can relate to? In particular the way the tingling only comes on after lying down for the night.

I would also be interested if people would have any suggestions regarding medication or lifestyle choices that can help.


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Hi Corkfella,

Tingling up my legs was my first symptom years before diagnosis of SPMS. My tingling happened after walking as waves going up and down my legs to my waist.

Tingling is constant now and I take amitriptyline at night to help me sleep. When I’m watching TV or in bed lying still I notice it most.

Maybe it’s the same for you, only notice it if you’re lying still.

Not sure what to suggest as you’ve mentioned it to your neuro. Just want to say that for me it is a symptom.

Have a look at this

Keep well,


Yes really bad sometimes, right down to my feet its horrible, i get it sometimes when i recline. i find i cant sit for very long as my left foot which is affected by my MS the worse goes blue and spasms and cramps so bad. Yes i have the tingling legs my neuro said it was my MS. also added to it is my body feels like it is on fire, especially if i get warm. it starts from my back down. its horrible.

He wants me to try duloxotine. i am waiting for script.

I find it is worse if i have walked more which my neuro wants me to do. he said walking is good as it helps keep the circulation going.

its a weird feeling i have to say.

at the moment i thought i had a UTI as my tinnitus is really loud, buzzing so loud and like electrictiy in my head but my samples are normal. no idead what is going on.

i feel for you hun really. x

i was same as you

but ended up seeing a lady on a wednsday for accupuncture and worked for me got feeling back in my hands

first time for 3 years