Hot tingling foot and shin during the night - anyone?

My foot feels like waves of heat are passing through it and it tingles. The tingling can sometimes feel like it is creeping up my shin.

I have had the tingling feeling before but not the sensation of heat and have noticed it both during the day and at night.

However, this time it only seems to start once I’m lying down in bed.

Does this mean it’s not the MS but may just be a circulation issue?

I’m only 30, of a healthy weight, active and am regularly tested for diabetes, which is always negative - this is why I am more inclined to think it is the MS and not circulation. However, is it is the MS I would expect to feel it all the time not just at night.

Can anyone explain or relate to this?

It sounds like the MS, to me.

Many of my symptoms are worse at night, and a few (like numb hands) are only ever there at night, or at least when resting. It may be partially explained by distractions during the day, but in my case, at least, I’m positive that’s not the whole story. Some things only ever happen in bed. I’m sure they’re not there all the time, but not as noticeable, because even if I focus hard on them, during the day, I’m positive they’re not there.

I don’t think this is unique to MS. I think a lot of symptoms - of all kinds of things - are worse at night.


I have constant tingling. My hands both of the, made much worse by heat, stress. When I bend my head the tinglng is in my feet and travels,up my legs.

Forgot to say yes it can feel like a burning sensation.

My feet tingle and burn at night. It very rarely happens during the daytime, only if I overdo things or get too hot and tired, but almost every night by the early hours of the morning I am sticking my feet out of the duvet and trying to find some cool air. When it was the really cold spell, I even ended up with chill blains as they are obviously not as hot as I think they are. In autumn I was walking around in bare feet as they felt hot and my son exclaimed that they were purple with cold and when I put my hands on them they were, indeed, freezing. I think it is nerve damage so I try to keep them covered now as I worry that I’m going to lose my toes to frostbite ;-). It really is hard to ignore though especially in bed as it really is like hot flames licking around my feet and it is unbearable especially as my feet always used to be cold until this bloody MS mucked up all my signals … The one thing that does work (especially useful in summer) is a hot water bottle kept in the fridge and slapped on my feet when they burn. Absolute bliss!