Burning/tingling pain at night

Hello everyone,

Without taking up too much of anyones time can you tell me if you’ve experienced the following?

At night when in bed regardless to what side i lay on after an hour the pain becomes so unbearable, i roll over and swap sides but then that side will start to hurt. When i say “hurt” i mean its a burning sensation, tingles with pins and needles and becomes extremely hard to move or roll over. The pain is only ever on the top of my legs (only on that side) and my hip and when laying on my back it seems to be at the top of the bottom/lower back region.

ive not had this before and ive had MS for nearly years now, Im RRMS and still only just mobile. Usually I know when in entering into a relapse but this totally different.

I will have to wait 2 weeks to see MS nurse and 8 weeks to see my neuro but by then its too late if it is.

I just wanted to see if anyone has experience anything like this and if so was it the MS causing it?

Thank you if you’ve taken the time to read this and i hope you all have a great week.


Hi Ben,

  1. I have not experienced this particular one but if it is MS then it seems like to me.

We all have four types of nerve endings in our skin*. They can sense the difference between vibration, pressure, touch & temperature. Our skin sends messages to the brain telling us if there is movement (vibration), how hard something is, (like a mattress) or the texture of a cloth (the difference between a blanket and satin sheets) or the temperature of something (a candle flame). This is normally a good thing, as it is our own Personal Alarm System, which prevents us from badly injuring ourselves.

However, when these signals are affected by the “interference” or “static” of MS, our brain gets the wrong messages from our skin.

In your case, when you are getting warmer, or pressing down on the side closest to the mattress, your nervous system is interpreting this warmth or pressure as “burning” or “stinging”.

If warmth the problem then try leaving the duvet off, so you are cooler. If pressure is the source of pain, can you get something like a mattress that relieves pressure sores?

There are medications available for but why not try the simple solution first? Good luck, mate.

  1. By putting a question on the Forum you are NEVER taking up too much of anyone’s time.

*For the zoologists out there, these are called “nociceptors.” But I’m just showing off now.



Sorry to hear about your pain. I get tingling but not pain and take amitriptyline to help me get to sleep at night.

Fascinating answer A thanks for sharing that information.

Jen x

Albrecht Durer that is fantastic - thank you so much mate.

Hiya Ben

Ah yes. I can relate exactly to what you are saying.

I have suffered this for years and years. If you can crack it please let me know. Tried all sorts meds and beds - no joy unfortunately.

A type of pressure pain on the nerves by neuro calls it.

Good luck,