tingling when look down or bend head

Experiencing tingling when move neck look down or bend neck down. My back and top of my legs tingle . I also have pins,and needles in my right hand .been like this,for a few weeks and its,driving me nuts. I’ve never really experienced a,relapse not sure if this is one . Bit scary

Sounds like Lhermitte’s sign which is tingling you get when you bend your neck forward. I have it all the time although it’s very mild normally but quite strong during a relapse. Definitely get in touch with your nurse or GP. X

Hi Kirkylou,

This sounds very likely to be a thing called Lhermitte’s sign, which is a fairly classic MS symptom, although not unique to it, I don’t think. It is associated with damage or mechanical impingement (trapping, compressing) of the cervical (neck) part of the spinal cord.