Hello People

Has anybody every experienced tingling in the hands or feet when bending there head forward and does anybody know why it’s caused?

Thanks for the Help people

Hey Tyler

Sorry to see you have been diagnosed.

I get tingles up my legs, hands, arms, face, feet. Its all part and parcel im afraid x

Yes both like you, but my tingling is there all the time, just made worse when I put my chin on my chest. I was given gabapentin to help, but it just made feel like I was drunk and not safe to drive, so stopped. Hope you get it sorted.

tingling is a total b*gger and i completely sympathise as i have it in feet and hands.

It is called Lhermittes sign. A delightful little consequence of a cervical lesion. It should be transitory, but can be quite electrical in feeling sometimes. Mine has been going for over a month now, to varying degrees of coverage and intensity. It is mostly just a buzzing. It is not supposed to be serious or life affecting, aside from the potential discomfort; and so it is more an ‘annoyance’ than a ‘concern’. I try to regard it as a reminder to maintain good posture! :slight_smile: All you can realistically do, is quite literally, keep your chin up!