Tina Turner

Afternoon gang.

Yesterday I swapped my etac patient turner for a new one, as it was rusty and damaging my wet room floor. I use it for transfers from wheelie to commode. I hoist for other transfers, but do want to keep some leg strength.

This new turner has a slightly different knee pad area. A bit difficult to describe, but i`ll try.

Instead of the 2 separate knee pads, it has a one piece thicker pad.

With the old one, i had difficulty keeping my knees straight and felt scared of falling all the time.

The new one makes my legs straighten more quickly and I feel so much safer.

So that has boosted my confidence. My bowels are working well again, got a bit more control of my diet again…so yeh, feeling best I have for a few weeks. Nice!

luv Pollx

Glad to hear your feeling well, long may it continue!

Laura x

Ta chuck!

luv Pollx

Good for you Poll x

Good news Poll!


Great news Poll, glad you are feeling well too. Linda x

So poll your turner is "simply the best "


Nice to hear you’re feeling upbeat Poll x

That’s good news Poll, long may it continue.



Cheers all.

MS John; yes, she sure is!

luv Pollx