Strange one ...

Strange one, I was talking to an OT about getting around the house. She suggested a ‘turning thing’ you sit in and the other person (helper) turns you around. Not a good idea on carpet, she asked me to sit back… I couldn’t feel the bum support 2 paddles. Reassuringly she said ‘just sit back’ I could not. I wasn’t aware of where my bum was I had to feel them. Finally I sat back.

It made me realised this has been happening all year, I don’t feel as if my bum/body is secure. I know I come up with some weird thing but I really would appreciate any input. Not along the lines you have ‘lost it’ M :heartpulse:x

Hi, sensing what bits of my body are where, often goes awry!

My feet can feel like they are in a completely different position to where they actually are!

The only turning thing I had was called a Patient Turner. I stood on a round base and a carer turned my whole body.


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Many thanks, how true ‘what bits of my body…’

Worse thing at the moment is backing up to a chair or something and my rear end is NOT where I think it is!
At least chatting here I don’t feel mental:) take care and be safe M x

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Was the device you describe a Sara Stedy?

I used one in a recent trip to hospital when I was having real trouble walking (due to MS on my left leg and cellulitis on my right, plus temperature and general weakness).

I found it brilliantly designed for the purpose of transporting a largely immobile person from A to B, provided they could pull themselves up to standing and the seating pads flipped round to underneath your bum. Once the seating pads are in place, it would be hard to fall out, but I know what you mean about feeling where you are. You know you’re “in” when you stop going backwards!