Time to renew my driving license help?

Hi everyone, I have ms,I had my licence for three years and have just got the forms to renew it. The form asked you all sorts of questions,just worried it says do you need help? Well I do I suffer from numbness from the waist down that comes and goes so I need supervision with showering etc.Cooking and help with household chores.My car is not adapted or anything.I am worried that my licence won’t get renewed I don’t remember getting asked this similar questions three years ago.And as I am affected from the waist down really worried about this.I don’t think my consultant will say I am unfit to drive,but I can’t help worrying as it took six months last time to get my licence back in which it was issued for three years.Anyone been in a similar situation and how did you get on with DVLA? Thanks in advance for any replies

Hi Anon When I was numb from the chest down I had my license revoked for 6 months. how can you drive if you have loss of feeling in your body? Your not just putting yourself in danger but others too. Sorry if that sounds a little harsh but in reality its true. I know it will feel like you’ve had your arms & legs taken by not been able to drive but is it really the end of the world if its only for a short time. I found family & friends were great at helping out with either running me or the kids to various places, that was when and if I was able to. Its a very unpleasant symptom and you have my sympathy but think long and hard about it. Once again sorry for what seems like having a go, Im not I’ve justbeen in the same position as you. Sue x