Time to put the jeans away...

Hi all, it’s funny how even the smallest things in our lives can remind us of the changes MS has imposed on us.

I was always a lover of jeans. Levis. They had to be Levis. I was always fussy about the fit and the turn-up had to be just so & if I say so myself, I looked good in them.

Well I don’t suppose I’ve worn my Levis for about 3 years. For a start I’ve got so fat that even if I manage to do them up the ‘spare tyre’ over the top is a revolting sight. And then of course they are SO uncomfortable. I can’t bear any waistbands at all now. I live in loose maxi dresses and the few pairs of trousers I wear occasionally have those knitted jersey waistbands.

So today I did something I’ve been meaning to do for ages… I took my 3 lovely pairs of Levis (black, indigo blue and washed out blue) and… NO I couldn’t send them to charity shop. NO I couldn’t sell them on eBay… I put them in a chest along with spare blankets and such like.

It’s created a bit more room in my wardrobe… but it felt sad. Even though I’ve still got them I’m aware that the odds are I’ll NEVER wear them again. The woman who wore those jeans is long gone…

That’s life… and now they’re packed away at least I won’t see them hanging unworn inside the wardrobe.

Onwards with my chin up… There are a zillion worse things in life then packing your jeans away!!!

Pat xx


I know exactly what you mean Pat, I’m wearing a size bigger than I am just for comfort, my hubby says why, and he doesn’t understand how painful it is to wear anything from my bra to my hips. It’s hard to explain. I’m 38 and still young enough to supposed to be wearing the skinny jeans and things but I’m finding it so hard to find things that make me happy to wear as well as comfortable, and my friends don’t understand, I’m so glad you do.

ive packed away into the bottom drawer I can’t reach any more the things I can’t wear anymore, I have no idea why I’ve kept them, I’ll not get those days back?

im slowly learning that getting jeans with stretch in a size bigger and getting the long version means they have a longer torso, so don’t sit on my waist, and are wide enough when I’m sitting, they don’t cut it at all, they only touch.

the things we lose and didn’t think of eh? Still there are worse things, I’ve got my family, and our home. Hugs Pat.




Hi Pat and Polly

I so know what you mean, I have clothes all in one draw, that I can’t wear now as it is uncomfortable, but why oh why do we not get rid of them?

I know I will not use them again, fiddly buttons, zips etc, so why do I keep them? I don’t know whether its cos they remind me of good times, surely I can’t still be in denial? Doesn’t it make you think though. I have still got 2 pairs of high heels, haven’t been able to wear heels for yonks…but you never know.

One day (but not now) they will go in the charity bag…but don’t hold your breath!!!

Pam x


Oh Pam!

all my 16 pairs of high heels are still all in their clear shoe boxes, in the wardrobe I can’t can’t can’t can’t get rid of them, just as I read your comment about high heels I thought, oh my goodness I can’t even think of getting rid of them. Oh the memories they have. What are we like??

Polly xxx


Hello Pat

You should look on QVC sometime. Diane Gilman designs jeans just for ladies with problems round the tummy area you describe. The lady herself has the ‘spare tyre’ you mention but she looks great in her jeans I bought a pair of white cotton capri jeans last summer…not see through so stretchy and comfy. Still as good as new this summer! In my fashion world, there is an answer for everything…apart from shoes

Noreen x


im just the same Pat,got lots of clothes i will never wear again,so WHY do i keep them lol…

J x


I’m just the opposite if I can’t wear them they have to go and then I soon forget I ever had them …some advantages to MS memory problems!

nina x


Oh yes, I’ll join most of you. I have gained so much weight that I have clothes in 2 sizes in boxes under my bed and the biggest size sits in my wardrobe. But I’ve missed my pretty undies the most… My skin become really sensitive and also with the weight gain I’ve not been able to wear my bras, only managing the ones you pull over your head like sports bras. But I’ve been swimming regularly and my body’s starting to change shape so I’m able to wear them again a few times a week and already it feels so good. Now I just have to persist and hopefully the big clothes can be put away. We can all dream… Nothing beats soft jogging bottoms though when the legs become hyper sensitive, but it’ll feel much better if I can wear nice undies under them. Take care

Cath xx


I’ve grown out of all but 2 pairs of jeans, how’s this for a weird pair - primark £7 black jeans (bought last weekend, size 10) & a pair of Vivienne Westwood jeans that I bought years ago and were always a bit roomy… now they’re very tight

Polly, my ebay pile now means I am in the doghouse!!! So tough giving thm up

I bought a few bits from Uniqlo the other week, I can recommend their lounge pants, I got them in purple camoflage and they are a really silky & slinky. Oh, and they have some lovely t-shirts, I really liked that they had ones with a longish length and ones that hav a kind of a-line shape etc. And most importantly, they all cost between £2.90 and a fiver

OK, I’m loosing the plot here, I did want to say something else but now I’ve forgotten

Sonia x


My 501’s were retired when I hit 40, due to age (mine not theirs) and wasn’t a wrench at all. I did keep my football boots though, for some unfathomable reason.


Whammel 40 isn’t too old for jeans… unless it’s due to an unflattering cut (notice I didn’t say a change in body shape) which is why so many of my pre weight gain jeans went to my daughter so I could get some with a higher waist band.


I’m 58 and wear jeggings/leggings with stretch…very comfy too. It’s not so much what you wear but how you wear something. All about co-ordinating :slight_smile: I’ll be wearing mine this year with some very cheeky ankle boots…,with a comfy heel of course :slight_smile:


My weight is the same as it was twenty five years ago, so that’s not an issue. I always had the daft idea that denim was for youngsters and forty was a handy cut off date, that’s all. Mind you, I must stress it’s a personal choice and certainly doesn’t extend to others.

The football boots finally went three years ago and I am almost over it now.


Thanks for great responses gang. At least I’m not alone with giving up on favourite clothes!

Apart from the weight gain, it is definitely a skin sensitivity thing. Cannot bear anything tight at all (you might remember the ‘bra expanders’ I found!).

I think it’s related to the ‘Princess and the Pea Syndrome’ which I think is also very MS… you know how the tiniest little crumb in the bedsheets feels like a huge craggy rock! (btw that’s not a medical term… princess and pea syndrom is my own invention).

I’m actually going to a party this afternoon! It’s a 90th birthday party for one of our residents in communal lounge downstairs. My kind of party… does not involve going outside and it’ll take 5 minutes to come home!

Have a good weekend everyone,

Pat xx


I disagree Whammel… I think denim looks just fine on older people and an older man can look rather dashing in a good fitting pair of jeans. And I bet you’ve got the figure for it.

Hope you’re doing well,

Pat xx


Enjoy the party Pat, sounds like my kind as well.

Whammel, denim looks good when it fits, so wear them, forty is nowt!!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Pam x (hopefully having a few days by the sea…yippee)


I’ve had to admit defeat and send a lot of clothes to charity shops, and now wear a very limited range of clothes, of which the summery ones get put away in a box for winter, and vice versa. The box goes in the loft. I keep some favourites all year round.

Since I’m always sitting now I get special trousers from a small firm in Scotland called Able2wear. They specialise in clothing for the disabled, especially wheelchair users, but also make items with easy fastenings etc.

their trousers are cut fully at the waist, and high at the back, so you don’t get that annoyingly cold gal above the waistband at the back. They do make jeans. OK, they’re not Levi’s, but they are denim. Worth a look.

Kev x


I have also given up on trousers with buttons or zips. I just cannot undo them quickly enough, and then they take ages to do up again. I bought 4 pairs of black trousers on the internet. Just pull on, stretchy flaredish bottoms. Look smarter than jogging bottoms, are comfortable and can be dressed up or down for casual or smart occasions. I cannot put tights on so do not wear dresse or skirts anymore - and maxi skirts or dresse trip me up.

So trousers are it - but still got few dresse - just in case!!!

Jackie xx


I have a limited range of leg wear mostly track suit type with zipps at bottom of leg to enable access to the plumbing and they have to be full in the leg for the same reason full leg bags and tite trousers spell disaster. I hung onto all my old work clothes for years and Heather was finally aloud to chuck them out. Strange I always thought I might wear them again sad really


feeling sad now

Don’t feel sad Don. Think of all the lovely trips you go on with Heather and your friends and all the trips to come