Time to change the Nuro

My Nuro is past his sell by date as all he brings to the table is negative depressing news! Sugest anything to him & he switches off.

Anyone know of a helpful Nurologist in Essex Herfordshire or even Cambridge


Working together we can beat this or at least have a less painful life.




Yeh, we realise we are saddled with incurable deseases, but do we have to put up with unhelpful health professionals as well?

Hopefully someone from your area will give you a good contact.


Hi Addenbrooks Hospital Cambridge is apparently quite good… However I would ask to be referred to an MS consultant rather than a neurology registrar. I think registrars are on a training programme and may not have enough relevant experience (from my experience anyway). Good luck with the search xx

Royal London is brilliant, near Whitechapel. Also Queens Square Bloomsbury is very good and think about UCL just by Eustom Station in London

Yes, it must be an MS consultant but plenty at those 3 places. I go to Royal London, followed my consultant around Watford and London since 1997


I went for a consultation at the royal London last week , 6 hr round trip for me but worth it to speak to a neuro with a good nature, was interested and spoke sense. Cant recommend enough.

Hi PauL,

I met Prof Alastair Compston who is based in Cambridge and is one of the country’s eminent MS experts. Amazing who will see you when you have private health care (sadly my cover is long gone!). I had similar problems to you with my Neuro, but worked out what he could do and avoided mentioning anything else, such as new treatments/complimentary therapies . He was able to get me on a DMD (Tysabri), a short stay in hospital and helped with my illl heath retirement. Anything else is down to me, and the internet/MS forums helps keep up to date on MS issues. I was a bit naive and thought we were working to get me better!. Hope you find someone better suited to your needs. Peter.