Appointment to see new nuro

Hi guys

I sent a message to my MS nurse yesterday about how I have been feeling as symptoms are just feeling like they are getting worse. He phoned me today to talk to me about my new painkillers and he told me about an appointment that had been made for me to see a new nuro who just deals with MS so fingers crossed I will find out if I will get any meds to help me feel better. Has anyone else changed nuro’s and found it to be better. Also I was wondering how did you who has got scans how did you get them

Thanks Clare x

Lost you a bit on that last sentence Clare. If you were asking how to get a copy of your scans, then all you do is ask the department where you had them done. If they can’t help, then you speak to the records department. If you were asking if the new neuro could get the scans, then it is all electronic - the files can be downloaded to any system - so hopefully it will be fine.

As far as changing neuros goes, my first neuro was a general neuro and I switched to an MS specialist later on. The specialist is MUCH better! So hopefully you will find that you get much more support with the new team.

Karen x

Hi, I am in process of changing neuros too. The neuro who diagnosed me was lovely and explained as much as he could but recommended that I transfer to his colleague who specialised in MS at The Walton Centre. He did say it would be a couple of weeks which will have been 3 months by the time I see her in Sept. Having read Karens comment though I am glad to be seeing an MS specialist. Fingers crossed. X