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Hi all, I have been visiting for a while but this is my first post. I hope you dont mind if I ask a couple of questions regarding my first neurology appointment next week. I have been having worsening neurological symptoms for a couple of years now and had a clear brain and c spine mri in february of this year. Since then my symptoms have gotten much worse but because of the clear mri I have been told its all in my head which its definitly not! My question is in your experiance will the neurologist use the mri from before or will he order new ones? Also after he does the neurological exam if he suspects ms will he tell you during this appointment. Thanks for reading this I find this site a great help. Michelle

Hi Michelle, are you living in Ireland like me, making a guess from your user name. Years ago I had a clear brain MRI and now have been diagnoided with PPMS. My neurologist reckons I have had it at least 10 years, but my first MRI was 6 years ago and nothing showed up. After my neurological exam my consultant just said it was not normal and he was going to do further tests. He may well order another MRI but because it was clear in February he may decide to take a wIt and see approach. It will all depend on your nuero exam.

ann x

Hi ann thanks for your reply. Yes im in Ireland over in the west. Im putting all my hopes in this appointment to get some answers and to finally get someone to believe what im going through. Its been very tough this past while feeling awful and being told its I your head! Michelle x

Hi, Michelle - I realise all neurologists are different but mine did say it seemed almost certain that I had MS and also put this in the letter to the GP that I was copied in on. At that point I had had some physical reflex/balance type tests, gave a history of symptoms and had had some blood tests to exclude other possibilities but no MRI or Lumbar puncture, so they do sometimes give a provisional diagnosis pending other tests. Have had my first MRI today so am now anxiously awaiting the results.

Hi Michelle , this is just the start of the process you may not come away from your vist next week with any answers, just a list of tests that have to be done. However at least things are moving. Let us know how you get on and the best of luck.

Ann x

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Hi Michelle, my story is pretty much on a parr to yours. I had quite a few MRI scans over a 7 year period, all of which came back clear. I was sent to neuropsychology and CBT,but my new GP knew I had classic symptoms of MS. I was referred back to neuro and underwent further tests. This time the MRI showed lesions that were consistent with MS. I had a probable diagnosis of MS before this batch of tests, but still waiting to see my neuro again to find out what happens next. I feel for you because you feel so alone and like you are barmy! I cried so much throughout those 7 years, as additional symptoms were creeping in and I got scared to mention them, due to the fact that I was told it must be in my head. I now know what is wrong and I can get a grip the best way I can now. Whereas before I was scared and lonely. Reading all the stories, makes you realise we aren’t alone. Hi to everyone else too by the way Angie

Hi Tinga, the waiting is such a horrible time isn t it, I hope you dont have to wait too long for your results. Angie you re so right about feeling alone, I feel im fighting against everyone in my life at the moment so I am really hoping for some answers on friday. Thanks for the replys hope you are all well. Michelle x

Good luck to ypu, Michelle - let us know what happens - I hope you get some answers too.

Hi Michelle. Like you I am awaiting my first neuro appointment. I have written a list of my symptoms ready as I get a bit confused and forgetful sometimes. I suspect that you will only come away with a list of more tests tho so be prepared for that. Good luck and please keep us posted. Regards David

How did your appt go, did you get any answers or list of tests they want to do etc x