No Neuro service in SE london

Hi folks

I’d be interested to know if anyone has any experience or advice about sourcing a consultant in SE london. My Nero left Sidcup hospital last year and has not been replaced (they very kindly didn’t bother to tell any of his patients). I was referred to Woolwich which is not accessible for me so I asked my GP to refer me to Dartford only to find the Neurologist there only issues appointments at 9 am or 9 thirty am, again not accessible to me (have no idea why a consultant would set such ridiculous rules, most MS patients struggle with early mornings after all).

Any advice gratefully received :slight_smile:

Jane x

Hi Jane, So sorry to read that your having difficulties in sourcing a consultant in beautiful SE London. I’m SE London born and bred and attended the MS clinic at Kings college Hospital, Denmark Hill, for well over a decade. They are great. Mem


I’m also with the team at KCH - and they’ve been great with me. I’m based in Orpington so my closet centre in the Princess Royal University Hospital in Farnborough (under the same trust as KCH) but transferred to KCH for treatment with Lemtrada (and have found the MS nurses/ team to be excellent and more forward thinking)


That’s exactly what I was going to say, Kings Hospital is pretty good for MS services. I was referred to them for Tysabri before my local hospital had set up their prescribing centre for it. It’s a total pain in the ar*e to get to from the South Coast (so I’m glad it was only for a short while) but from anywhere in SE London, it should be easy.

Otherwise, Barts would be brilliant, not quite so easy, but only in Mile End, or the London in Whitechapel, or the National Hospital for Neurology and Neuroscience in Russell Square. Much harder to get to, but obviously a good MS service.

You are in fact utterly spoilt for choice in any part of London. (A tiny bit of envy, I had to swap from the NHNN when I moved out of London.)