Thyroid and sex drive

Is it right that an underactive thyroid can lead to a loss of libido?

Will thyroxine get sex drive back to normal, whatever normal is with MS?

And, if an underactive thyroid can reduce libido, can an overactive thyroid or too much thyroxine INCREASE it?

Just curioius to know whether anyone out there has looked into this.


Funny you should raise this subject, because I once had a secretary that swore her voracious sexual appetite was due to her having an overactive thyroid. I can’t comment further on the truth of this complex matter, but will be interested to see if you get any responses.

I hope you find a solution and normal service can be resumed as soon as possible.

Strange you should say that an underactive thyroid can cause the loss of libido. That explains so much to me. Yes, it is most definately a true fact. No interest in sex what so ever - just want to go to sleep - grumpy because of tiredness. This has caused so much friction in our relationship despite taking levothyroxine everyday.

Thank you both for your helpful comments - think I’ll sleep on this one for now!


Yep underactive thyroid definitely decreases sex drive. No idea about over!

Thanks for replying - who needs a thyroid problem as well as MS?!