Bit personal but have a question about Fingolimod and sex...

Hi everyone

I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I want to ask those of you who have experience of taking Fingolimod if it had an effect on your ‘sex drive’?

I am now 50 and have never had a high libido, but over the last few years it has become less and less until there was no response at all. I changed from Tysabri to Fingolimod very recently and ‘oh boy’ what a difference!

It’s too much of a coincidence to be anything else and it has not only given me my ‘sex drive’ back, but increased it more than I ever had! It’s wonderful to be able to fully enjoy being caressed and have intimate time again with my long suffering husband! In fact I don’t think he’s quite over the sock yet haha…I’m like a women possessed!

I am now asking if anyone else has had the same effects and if so does it last? I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading - Equus x

Not on any , DMDs yet but certainly sounds like I need to ask for some of that :wink:

Reply to JanetV…

Thanks for your reply and sorry to hear it was a no.

It is certainly a nice surprise haha. I was just pleased not to be having the infusions anymore, so this is definitely a bonus.

Equus x

Actually JanetV sorry I misread your reply. So when I said sorry it’s a no, I thought you meant you’d not had any similar response on any DMDs not that you ain’t on any yet. Didn’t have my right glasses on haha.

Equus x

Only on week two…here’s hoping

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Maybe I’ll change to fingolimod!!

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Good for you - MS usually wipes alot of folks love life out…

Yes this happened to me. Pre MS my husband and I had a great sex life. When I started Fingolomod I started to get great sexual desires. Unfortunately I have experienced anxiety issues and have been taken off it. It was amazing while it lasted x

i think i’ve forgotten how to do it!

maybe should switch from tecfidera to finglolimod.

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