Hi All

I recently posted questions about changing to Fingolimod from Tysabri and some of you that had experience, were kind enough to reply. I very much appreciated hearing from you. It’s always good to get opinions from others and it was very helpful.

I now just want to repay the favour and give peace of mind to others who may also be thinking of changing. I began my Fingolimod treatment over 2weeks ago and ‘fingers crossed’ all has been well! The whole experience from the first day was very easy and I know everyone responds differently, but I have not had any ‘bad’ side effects. The first week I did experience more fatigue and a ‘thicker head’, but this began to pass a few days ago and it seems to be suiting me?

It is very early days and of course things could change, but up to now I am very pleased to have made the change and hope this puts others minds at rest.

All the best to you all - Equus

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Hi Equus

That’s good to read your post. I’m seriously considering the switch, so it’s encouraging to see a positive experience.