Thumbs up for London trip

I just wanted to reflect on my trip to London this week via SW trains. This was my first trip to London in a wheelchair and I was very nervous about going on the train. I hope I am not tempting fate in relation to future trips, but SW trains were excellent last week - on the return trip I caught an earlier train to the one I had booked assistance for, but the staff on the platform just got on with it and got me on my way. Signage at Waterloo for wheelchair users is another matter but hey ho.

We went to the Lyceum theatre - they were exemplary. We were escorted from the door to our seats, the wheelchair was taken away when i decided to transfer to the seat, then whisked back without us having to ask at the interval and the end. The way they treated me makes we want to go back again - whether we can afford it again is another matter… ANyway top marks for the Lyceum and SW trains on this occasion.

Hi Sue,

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You mention signage. In my opinion the facilities, consideration and treatment for the disabled is getting better.

However at train stations, bus stations, and airports the signposting is dreadful. Getting from Gatwick airport to the train station is a mission At some of the London mainline train stations the signposting is very bad

I use a wheelchair but I am also mobilre so I do not encounter your sort of issues with buses but I do sympathise

I have been to several London theatres and had no problem with my wheelchair, they look after it and I stagger/lurch to my seat