This was really sad

Hi all Was in a big M and S this morning and went into the fitting room twice to try something on and there was a different woman on duty both times. Each time I was escorted to the disabled fitting room when they saw me with my stick. They couldn’t have been kinder or more helpful and the cubicle was larger and had a big,soft chair in it. This was really helpful but I sat and cried when I realised that everyone’s perception of me has changed. I just wanted to be run-of-the- mill again! Alas, no more. Teresa xx

Teresa I know just how you feel. In another post I put that my scooter broke down today and how kind everyone was who helped me… they were kind… in that sort of way that you are kind to an ‘older’ disabled woman on a mobility scooter. Made me want to cry.

I wish there was something that I could say to make it be different, but all I can say is that we know who we are on the ‘inside’.

Love Pat xx

Thanks Pat, It’s good to know that others understand. Sorry about your scooter! Yes, it’s wonderful how kind some people can be but it just highlights the situation you are in. Mind you I would rather they were kind than not! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa

Yes, it is nice when people are kind to you, but it also makes us realise that other people can tell the difference, but remember, you are still the same person you were before ms.

Keep your chin up (((((((((hugs))))))))


Thanks so much Pam. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa

BIG WARM ((((((HUGS))))))

Love, Mary

Thanks so much Mary, Teresa xx



Thanks Karen Teresa xx

hello Teresa, exactly the same happened to me in the same store. I started using my stick after doing a bit of shopping and the second time I used the changing room (this time with the stick in use) I was showed to the disabled cubicle. I wept inside …

What I appreciated more, was helpful staff member in Cafe Revive, who carried my coffee over to the table for me - if I’d done it, most would have been in the saucer.

It hurts as it did when cabin crew on a recent flight asked if I wanted assistance on landing. But they meant well and asked kindly.

I know how you feel

Gill x

Thanks Gill. It’s great that these people are so kind and helpful but it hurts when you have to see yourself as others see you. I feel the same in my head still. Teresa xx

Ah Teresa, don`t be sad love.

But I do know what you mean. I recently went to M&S and was treated well too. We just have to accept the kindness of others when we get it, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi Teresa,

I went into Bon-Marche the other day, stick as usual, I wanted to try on three pairs of trousers, the seat in the cubicle was rather high, bare in mind I cannot get a pair of socks on or off without help. There I sat trying desperately to remove the trousers I already had on, then tried on the first pair, plus the grunts and groans of the effort it took to do it. After trying on the first pair (they fitted lovely) I once again started grunting and groaning to get my own back on again after decideing I just couldn’t go through it another couple of times. Ended up buying two pairs of the same, but the looks I got when I finally emerged from the cubicle, well, I just wonder what the heck they thought I’d been doing in there!!! So it was very kind of the people who helped you, but remember you are still run of the mill, just like the rest of us on here!

Janet x

I was out shopping with my husband on Thursday and needed to nip to the loo. As I was walking to the toilets in the shopping centre I was in I got stopped by someone asking me if I had a accident in the last three years cause I was walking with a stick. When I told them no they said I must have been cause of the walking stick and I said no it was due to having MS and they said you normally only see people with walking sticks if they have been in a accident. When I husband meet up with me again I just stood there and cried cause they made me so angry.

Allie xxx

Hi All Thanks for your kind words Poll and Janet. I guess I will grow a skin to all these sorts of situations and they won’t worry me after a while. It’s still rather raw though. What a rude, ignorant person you encountered Allie - so sorry they upset you. I would have felt the same. We all need to grit our teeth and carry on smiling I guess! Teresa xx

Come on Teresa, you are stronger than them and a nicer person, and I’ve never met you, but instinct tells me so.


Janet x

Thanks so much Janet, all you guys keep me smiling. Teresa xx