This poor guy is terribly upset

…or enough phone signal to call the RAC!

Ah,you bikers do like heading into the outback for quiet ‘whizzy’ roads,so 'spose it’s an occupational hazard.No excuse for not having a roll of tape to hold everything and anything together.Apparently it’s quite good at insulating electrickery things.New Myelin Sheath?

My bike is one of these new fangled ones where I’d need to carry a laptop and scart lead with me to fix it! I did once repair some rear fairing with electrical tape. Said fairing flew off on the motorway. Luckily I managed to catch it and rode home with it shoved down my jacket and had to get my elderly neighbour to help me fix it I’ll volunteer for the myelin sheath/tape experiment…

Did you get some funny looks with your fibreglass bra? I didn’t know that road bikes have got as over-complicated as cars…That can’t be good.Do Bikers still have oily hands or has 'Elf+Safety stopped it?

Oh they have, your can replace bits and pieces yourself, exterior mods, exhaust etc, but anything involving the actual engine gets very complicated. A dodgy sensor and you’re stuffed! I still get my hands dirty but that’s cos I’m a mucky pup and can’t oil the chain without getting it everywhere. Funnily enough there are some new laws being thrashed around in the European courts at the moment about bringing in laws against self servicing, modifications and bikes in urban areas over a certain age. Its all gone a bit quiet, but if they were to be passed it would be a sad time

No idea why that was anon!

Maybe the computer doesn’t like you badmouthing technology,mind you if that were the case my printer would try and break my fingers.No self servicing…A bit hard to enforce.Crawling around scrap yards 30 years ago was one of the pleasures.B4 your time? You can guarantee that any ‘lap dog’ government here would rigourously enforce any ‘Euro stupidity’, but no other country would bother.

Down from soap box now, and Blackadder just started

Yes wb, a little before my time I have to say, though I have fond memories of ‘helping’ my grandad (obviously not relating you in age to him!) rebuild an old Norton, which is now in the Sammy Miller museum.

I did go on a couple of super slow protest rides against the proposed laws. Lord knows what good it did, but I know my bike overheated, I got a hot bum and my wrists were not appreciative of 20mph on a super sports. So it didn’t do me any good at all!

You’re right about before your time.I just looked at your profile and I feel old. Nah,still nine,don’t like growed ups,and definitely don’t trust them.Your Grandad must be talented to have one of his projects ‘museumized’.I’ll Gogle that name and see where you started.

At least the protest let you know how to keep warm in the Winter and I believe the wrist problems are a ‘modern’ problem.The Government probably took no notice,but I’ll bet there was a great atmos with plenty of whizzing afterwards.

The ride was good fun, especially the second one. I went on the Southampton one, there was probably about 500 of us in a motorway services, which made for a pretty cool aerial photo. Its nice to meet so many bikers, from all different walks of life with different bikes and different reasons for being a biker.

I’m the wrong end of my twenties if that makes you feel better!

Oh thanks,I’m at the wrong end of the 40s,but I’m leaving them later in the year,and going back to the 30s.I checked that museum, what a bloke and what a place.Can you remember what marque of Norton? They’ve got plenty, and like all the other ‘exhibits’ they get aired every now and again which must be really good to see.

A Great Uncle of mine died in 1930 when his bike hit a horse and cart.‘Praps that’s where’The need for speed’ came from and I always gave horses plenty of room,and even more now.A shame that it takes a protest to get a big ‘Gathering’.I did about half of the Wirral Egg Run on my big scooter last year.A superb day.

I’ll give my Grandad a call later and ask him. To my shame I’ve never even been to the museum, I really should put it on my list!

I have been on some non protest group rides, a fair few less people, but I struggle to find a group where the pace is right, as understandably everyone is different. Plus there is the varying interpritation of the law and what is fun vs what is stupid.

Glad you got out on the egg run. An egg run/toy run is also on my every growing list of things I think I’ll probably not get around to

ls this a ‘private exclusive’ thread between you two - or can a old bird join in. Wobly - like the idea of going backwards when you hit the big 50. l stuck to 32 - did it for an extra 32 yrs - think l shall have to be 51 and stick to it.

l have dragged out of the back of beyond my old Road Knight mini - its a little three-wheeler that fold down so you can put it in the back of the car. l have cleaned it up and put the batteries on charge - but l am not holding out much luck that they will respond. lt must be 14yrs old. So l telephoned Road Knight [Stoke-on-Trent] about replacement battery pack - they asked for my postcode - and straightaway came up with my name and address. They will send me the order form to-day - and the replacement pack will be £59 including postage. l think that is a good deal as the pack is the heaviest part of the scooter.

This little scooter has been great - especially on steep inclines. And it has a backrest on the seat. So l am hoping it will burst into life with its new powerpack. lts small enough for me to use indoors.

Been over the fields on the Tramper - this morning- plus the two rotties. The rain has made it quite muddy - so my wheels are caked in red clay. l think there is so much build up of mud - l returned 6inches taller. l shall let it dry off then it will just crumble away when next l go out. The rear lights have disappeared under the mud. The body of the Tramper [and the dogs]is now hi-viz yellow from the pollen from the oil seed rape flowers.


I’m sure your Grandad will love to talk about the Norton.I was around friends of the bikers who started the Egg Run in the early 80s but there was never room for me on the back when there were Girls who wanted to go.Never understood that.It had become one of the biggest Bike events globally and raised loads for good causes…‘Sons of Charity’…This year some of the local snobs and NIMBYs pulled enough strings to get it cancelled. Six hours of disturbance was too much for them.

It’s my generation who can be the problem. A Fireblade is a bit quicker than a GSX 250 and the statistics show that.A shame you can’t find a decent group to ride with.There are a few bikers on here,but dunno where they live,or whether the asthmatic Search Engine would be any good.Actually if you put MS and Motorbikes into Gogle it might show posts from here.

If I can finally do an Egg Run,I bet you’ll get around to doing one.

Hey spacejacket, you’re welcome to get stuck in!

I’ll call my Grandad today, although he always gets his hopes up and thinks I’m calling to say ‘I’m just around the corner, can I pop in for a cuppa’, and I hate to dissapoint, but I’ll be several 100 miles in the opposite direction today

I can’t for the life of me understand why a girl as a pillion was preferred to you wb!

I went to Royal Wootten Bassett for the Ride of Respect last year. Hundreds of residents welcomed 6 hours of thunder riding through their tiny village. They even came out to applaud us when all we were doing was paying respect to the fallen.

I will do an Egg Run next year, and you can hold me to it