This explains MS to others

Hi there.

I think that your words sum everything up well.

I just might get it tatooed onto my forehead !!!

All the best,

Julie xx

It’s a bit angry for me but I do like the aunt Gertrude bit

Will show this to family, and freind’s,they don’t have a clue.

Thank’s Mel x.

Hi Cindy, Wise words and oh so true. Did you write it yourself? Janet x

thanks for this post - I’ve carried a print out of it in my diary for the last 7 years since a really bad relapse.

Wilf I’ve never thought of it as angry (we all read things differently) I think the PLEASE at the start gives it a ‘hope yu’ll really hear this’ touch :slight_smile:



Brilliant words, just wish I could have put it into words like this. Will take a print off tomorrow:-) thanks